November 2021 Newsletter Excerpt: Set boundaries, create a clear plan for the future, and pick your battles wisely.

On the heels of Halloween and The Day of the Dead, you’ve been given a glimpse of what was and what could be. Now it’s time to set boundaries, create a clear plan for the future, and pick your battles wisely.
A bright future awaits, and your choices now can help you accelerate progress and manifest more effectively.

Six of Swords:
Balance, Boundaries and Growth

Although saying “no” is rarely easy, it’s one of the most powerful (and effective) ways you can take control of your life. Be more discerning and you’ll soon realize that you have more than enough resources to get everything done.

Eight of Swords (Reversed): Crystal Clarity

This month you’re being offered a chance to see people and opportunities as they actually are. Honesty and transparency will also play a pivotal role in regaining or building trust with key relationships (both business and personal). Don’t be afraid of the truth—embrace it.

Five of Swords:
Be the Voice of Reason

Not all battles are worth fighting. Choose your friends and foes wisely.

This month, unexpected alliances and opportunities will open up for you just when you need them the most.

  • No matter what the challenge is, remember to:
  • Be the voice of reason when there’s none.
  • Be the light in the dark.
  • Be mindful of how a future you might look back at this situation.
  • Walk the high path, and know that you’ve done all that you can.

Do this, and you’ll make your way to the Six of Swords—which signals a season of change, growth and movement.

The newsletter has been on hiatus for a few months, but it’s back now. Thanks for your patience as I’ve streamlined my production workflow to accommodate this.

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