October 2019 Extended Monthly Intuitive Tarot Readings by Star Sign

Here are your October 2019 Extended Monthly Intuitive Tarot Readings by Star Sign, with Channeled Messages, and a forecast for Health, Wealth, Love and Destiny.

  • ARIES: Focus on managing time & resources. Make room for new opportunities this month, even if that means letting go of something.
  • TAURUS: Embrace the energy of transformation this month. Remember that change doesn’t have to happen in a single, sweeping event; rather, every decision you make brings you closer to your goals and dreams. Make those little decisions count.
  • GEMINI: Whatever you’re trying to do, take your time. Don’t rush to the finish line… it’s worth the wait, and you may need to learn or integrate a key lesson first.
  • CANCER: Don’t lose track of yourself, your voice or your vision. Be bold!
  • LEO: You have a chance to reclaim a lost dream or goal and surprise yourself and others with your passion and skill in that area.
  • VIRGO: Be proactive and positive this month, especially in regards to managing communications. Transparency and openness is key.
  • LIBRA: Libra, you have a second chance this month at success in business or love. Timing is of the essence, so take advantage of this window of opportunity.
  • SCORPIO: Know when to push back and conserve your time/energy.
  • SAGITTARIUS: Slow down and pay attention to the little details so you don’t miss an opportunity or make an unnecessary error. This will save you time in the long-run.
  • CAPRICORN: Forgiveness is freedom.
  • AQUARIUS: Growth and spiritual development stems from a heart chakra opening this month. Meditate on this area to facilitate healing and bring in abundance.
  • PISCES: Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance this month. Remember that your first thought/feeling is the one that’s most in tune with your intuition.
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