♓️ PISCES August 2020: A window of opportunity is opening, and changes are underway—embrace them! 🐛🦋

♓️ PISCES: This is a time of growth. 🐛 Like a caterpillar, focus on feeding your mind and soul with things that will support expansion.

🌊 If you embrace the new energy coming through, you will gain momentum (like a waterfall). This will move you into a new transformative phase in your life.

⚡️A window of opportunity is opening. Like lightning striking, it may not happen again soon, so embrace it!

💗 Shower yourself with the same love and generosity you give to others.

💫 Maintain the integrity of your ideas and goals.

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  1. Hi Nicholas! Thanks for such a wonderful insight into the month of August. I am Aries with Sun, Mercury and Jupiter in Aries, and I have already listened to ♈️ reading earlier on, but I have been waiting impatiently for this Pisces reading. Even though I’m ♈️ , a psychic once told me to also read Pisces ♓️ horoscopes and since then I’ve found that they are very accurate with what I am experiencing. I have my Saturn and Mars in Pisces so it all makes sense to read ♓️ I needed confirmation about something going on, and I wanted to see what would be revealed in the Pisces reading, and you hit the nail right on the head. The reference to the caterpillar ? and butterfly ? actually put a smile on my face because it reminds me of my Memoir “The butterfly that became a kite “.

    I have my house on the market so I can relocate to Italy, and I’m being patient and now I’m confident that change is around the corner Everything you have said fits my situation especially the bit about holding true to my integrity and goal.

    Thank you so much. Stay blessed

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