PISCES January 2021: Deeper relationships are coming; focus on internal healing to elevate them!

PISCES January 2021 Channeled Messages: For today’s reading, we’ll focus on the energies of Saturn and Jupiter since the live reading was conducted on the great conjunction of these two planets (as well as the Solstice).

The prevailing message from Saturn is to move into metamorphosis.

Forgive and love yourself unconditionally.

Set a course of action and complete it. Push back any perceived obstacles and make it happen.

This is the time to find your inner empress and own your own authority.

As a cosmic gardener, you reap what you sow. This is your time to grow!

Jupiter is here to act as a megaphone and amplifier.

Let bad blood and grudges go. Heal your heart and be ready to receive.

The solstice works in concert with Jupiter for expansion and the creation of a new cycle.

Deeper and more substantial relationships are knocking on your soul’s door.

How deeply you love and regard yourself will directly correlate to both self and net worth.

It will also mold the type of partnerships which will unfold in the year ahead.

Work on understanding your flaws, but don’t fixate on them. If you cant see the good in you, then neither can other people. Put your best foot forward and expect the best.

By doing this, other people will focus on your potential instead, which will magnetically pull in better opportunities.

Slow down and celebrate every moment. Spend time with pets, children, family, loved ones, or doing something that makes your heart sing.

Make time for what really matters.

Imagine you’re in a life review: you wouldn’t stress about missing a random meeting, but you wouldn’t regret not spending time with someone you love, or not feeding a dream or goal. Find the right balance.

Prioritize and the universe will help align the proper opportunities.

Stay awake and don’t sleepwalk through your day. It’s too important. YOU’RE too important.

Like the myth of Orpheus and Eurdyice, you already have that which you seek, so don’t look back… trust yourself and move forward towards the reward you earned.