PISCES January 2022: It’s time to take a “deep dive” and go 100% all-in. Your passion will pay off!

Your spirit totem is the seal. Listen to all your channeled messages at 00:04:30. Expand this description for more time stamps.

Time Stamps: 
00:00:00 Welcome 
00:04:30 Channeled Messages & Spirit Totem 
00:27:45 Celtic Cross 
00:47:17 Expanded Forecast: Health, Wealth, Love & Destiny 
01:06:00 The Big Idea 
01:07:24 Blessings 
01:09:50 Blocks 
01:13:30 Reader's Choice: Overcoming Limits (The Devil Reversed) 
01:15:49 Viewer's Choice: Applying Karmic Lessons from the Past 
01:18:39 Past, Present & Future influences for The New Year (2022) 01:26:03 Meditation 
01:29:41 Singing Bowl / Sound Bath 
01:31:15 Final Card (Answer to Your Silent Question) 
01:35:20 "Thank You" for SuperChats, SuperStickers and New Memberships