♓️ PISCES October 2020: 🌷 Use Prosperity Consciousness to create abundance & foster positive change

♓️ PISCES: 💶 Focus on kindling a Prosperity Consciousness, not a Scarcity one. Expect more of yourself and others. If you believe in this potential—and work to achieve it, of course—it will come to you.

🌷 Hold spaces—literal and figurative—in your life to allow for future abundance.

🛌 Wake up with the expectation that GREAT things are possible today. See YOURSELF as the conduit to CREATE those great things.

👣 Take action! It only takes one small step to create movement and momentum.

😠 Release any feelings of entitlement or frustration.

💪🏾 Perseverance and determination are very alchemic, constructive energies; use them to your benefit!

👄 Use “I AM” instead of I can/may/will. This moves you from aspirational or hypothetical into actual an active creation.

🙅🏽‍♀️ The only sure-fire way to fail is not to try or to give into inaction. Choose action instead.

🦋 Once you’ve completed the tasks-at-hand, let go. Refocus. Detachment allows for more abundance to flow.

🙇🏻‍♂️ What else would you like to do? We are never done growing up—nor are we constrained by a dream we’ve achieved or outgrown. Don’t be held hostage by the past; liberate yourself and try new things.

😴 Dreams of the past are coming during sleep or meditation to help you heal and release old karma.

⏰ Divine timing is at work; you’re exactly where you need to be. Start to look for signs and synchronicities to move you to the next phase.

🌱 Expect and prepare for rapid growth once the changes begin.

✋🏽 Avoid family arguments; you can’t afford the distraction right now!

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