♓️ PISCES September 2020 🚦There are no blocks, just signs—Redirect passion & focus on manifesting!

♓️ PISCES September 2020: 🚦There are no real blocks (just signs).

🌀 Work with the Cosmic flow of abundance and “coast” past perceived dead ends.

🚪 One block opens another portal or doorway.

🔮 It’s a great time to manifest, but don’t confuse that with forcing something to happen. Manifesting works because you see it and feel it.

To improve your manifestation skills:
🧘🏾‍♀️ (1) Know who you are.
🗣 (2) Believe in yourself. Believe what you’re saying.
🗺 (3) Know where you’re going. If you’re lost, how can others follow?
👁 (4) see and TRUST that it will be as you envision it to be.

💖 Redirect passion, especially if others don’t reciprocate. Like the old Bonnie Raitt song says, “I can’t make you love me if you don’t”

🌌 The universe is helping you avoid potential pitfalls. Release and move forward.

🚫 Observe and honor the word “no.” Respect and create healthy boundaries of your own.

🤝 New friendships may arise from organic meetings… stay aware and open so you see them.

👂🏼 If a friend wants to talk, take that call. You may get an important lead or even a warning that will be useful.

🔐 Tie up loose ends with security (both online and offline).

🤔 Be discerning with new business partnerships—do your research!

🏠 It’s time to change up your environment, or perhaps move to a new place.

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