♐️ SAGITTARIUS August 2020: You’re the light in the fog πŸŒ„ Embrace your power & leadership potential!

♐️ SAGITTARIUS: πŸŒ„ You are the light in the fog, but others must choose their own paths. Don’t let lower energy or thoughts eclipse your own. Keep a sunny outlook. Hope is a powerful tool for change and perseverance. 🍾 Don’t bottle your emotions. Find a way to express them. Transmute lower energies to something more productive. (E.g., use knowledge to diffuse fear; transmute anger into an action plan; and if you’re isolated, now is the time to get involved in the community.

πŸ’• Follow your heart and fight for what matters. Pushbacks and delays may simply be a test; lead the pack 🐺 and show your resourcefulness.

⚑️ Your Power Totem this month is the Hornet (Wasp). It embodies power, strength and leadership. Remember to use your words wisely and demonstrate your power through actions. Don’t just act out… be a role model.

🀝Get to know your neighbors, coworkers, baristas, etc.β€”a friend or ally will emerge in an unexpected place.

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