SAGITTARIUS August 2021: Shed your skin…Celebrate the ends and beginnings which accompany growth!

SAGITTARIUS August 2021 Channeled Messages: Your dual spirit totem is comprised of the birch tree and snake—symbolizing change and growth.

  • Birch trees are recognizable by their bark, which peels off in strips as the tree ages. This helps clear lichen and debris, allowing more light to reach the exposed bark—which in turn enhances photosynthesis, even during the fall or winter.
  • Like a snake, this process also allows the branches to expand and grow.
  • You’re at a new fork in the road, or a precipice at which you must shed an old belief or fear. Once released, the path will be clear and easy to discern.
  • It’s time for a paradigm shift. Think bigger!
  • Birches are known as a “pioneer species,” due to their ability to grown in new habitats and on land destroyed by fire.
  • The birch represents the Ace of Pentacles (a new seed or beginning) and The Fool for its ability to spread in new, uncharted areas.
  • It also represents Judgment because it can rise from the ashes.
  • In dreams, I saw this tree push through several stories of an old building in disrepair (The Tower).
  • If parts of your life need to be jump-started or sorted out, now is the time!
  • I see rapid growth and expansion on the horizon. Roll up your sleeves and do the work. It will pay off!
  • The snake came through as a totem to awaken your inner power and strength. It’s a symbol of rebirth, immortality, transformation, growth, expansion and the divine creative force that flows through us all.
  • The ouroboros (Greek for “tail eater”) traces its origin to many early cultures. It appears as the World Serpent in Norse mythology; in the tomb of King Tutankhamun describing the journey of Ra into the underworld (where it served as a protective symbol); and as a representation of the coiled Kundalini energy in Indian Vedic texts.
  • You control your own cycles Make sure you’re moving forward, not just consuming your own energy (or spinning wheels).
  • Uncoil your true potential and try something new.
  • Make sure criticism is constructive. Speak to others the way that you’d like to be spoken to yourself. If not, you may have to “eat” what you say.
  • Elevate all speech and communication!
  • Flexibility is necessary; sometimes a winding path can be more rewarding than a predictable straight line from point A to B.
  • Keep your eyes and ears open as things may be moving around you in the shadows.
  • Shine your light, insight, strength and power now. You can face any challenge!
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