♐️ SAGITTARIUS October 2020 🏃🏾‍♀️ This month requires a change of pace. Key relationships may shift.

♐️ SAGITTARIUS: 🏃🏾‍♀️ This month is a series of starts and stops. Know when to sprint and when to pace yourself in order to avoid burnout.

🙌🏾 Support is available if you’re willing to let go and be supported.

🥰 This support could be a new love interest, friend or business partnership.

💶 If you loan money, or work with friends and family, take extra care.

🤝 Make sure all expectations are spelled out. Express gratitude often, as well.

🎁 Instead of loans, consider gifting money or saying “no” if it makes you feel uneasy.

🙅🏽‍♂️ A third party could try to test a friendship or partnership. Hear both sides out and don’t act hastily.

⚖️ If something seems too be good to be true, or if someone is not adhering to rules, laws or policies, be wary of moving too quickly. Everything will see the light of day, so stay clear and firm in your judgment.

🚧 You may decide to break new ground, begin development or commence construction this month (literally or figuratively). Don’t enter into this unprepared; pad it with adequate time, budget and insurance. Prepare for delays.

🥗 Clean up your diet and avoid the “Chimera” vision I saw — namely heavily processed, unnatural food. Stick to ingredients you recognize, and scrutinize labels. Cut back on meat or take a break altogether. Go organic wherever possible with fruits and vegetables. As always, talk to a dietician before making any significant changes.

🛠 Repair, replace or upgrade equipment. If you work from home, this is doubly true for computer equipment and internet connections.

🌚 The next new moon opens up a new portal. Set intentions and prepare for changes ahead.

🌻 If you need to move to grow, now’s the time. If you recently moved, focus on putting down roots.

📝 No more reruns! It’s time to write a new season for your life. Cast yourself (and others) in new roles. Approach everything with a fresh perspective and turn a new page.

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