♐️ SAGITTARIUS September 2020: 👁State your intentions to open synchronicities & embody High Priestess

♐️ SAGITTARIUS September 2020 Channeled Messages:

🧭 Where do you want to go next? What do you want? State your intentions.

👁 This clarity allows you to step into the power of the High Priestess and open synchronicities instead of waiting for serendipitous opportunities to come your way.

🕸 Clear mental, energetic and real-life cobwebs in your life, especially unnecessary physical objects sitting around your house, attic or closets. Hold space for something even better.

🌊 The act of clearing helps create a new energetic flow.

🌱 It also makes room for growth and movement. Are you ready to grow?

🗣 The Universe speaks with a whisper. Open your heart, listen to your dreams and trust your own judgment.

💗 Happiness is found within, not externally; your environment is simply a mirror. Bless and release what you no longer need. Change yourself and your world will follow suit, not vice-versa.

🦋 Gratitude and heart-felt appreciation also unlock abundance.

🌌 The Universe has your back—feel blessed.

🛠 Faith, hope and perseverance are tools of the Light-worker.

🛣 Great things are rarely easy to achieve, but the twists and turns in the road provide context. This context creates grounding, which sustains abundance.

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