♏️ SCORPIO August 2020: You’re resilient—now’s your chance to bounce back or step into a new path 🌻

♏️ SCORPIO: 💞 Sort out contracts and relationships. It’s important to know yourself, because others are looking to you for the answers. Where do you stand? Now is the time to set goals, and talk openly about intimacy and commitment. You can rekindle or release—the choice is yours.

👀 People are keenly aware of you. With this increased visibility, remember to act with grace, dignity and confidence. Release and/or fix any issues that may be contributing to your insecurities. If you’re holding onto something that no longer suits your frequency, this is the month to let it go.

💪🏽 Remember you are resilient. You can bounce back and step into a new trajectory if you’re ready. Be real with yourself and remember what matters and you won’t be led astray.

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