♏️ SCORPIO December 2020 🐉 It’s time to overcome your fear and slay the dragon—Take a leap of faith! 🐲

♏️ SCORPIO: 🐉 It’s time to overcome your fear and slay the dragon! 🐲

✋🏽 What’s been holding you back from making the necessary changes in your life? Identify this and release.

⚔️ Step forward and use your voice, words or actions, invoking the King or Queen of Swords energy!

👁 Envision a successful outcome and take that leap of faith!

👩‍👩‍👧‍👦 The desire to belong may attract or draw you to a group that requires membership or an initiation of some sort (e.g., fraternity or sorority). Do this if—and only if—you want to!

🚫 Acceptance by such a group will not help facilitate your own self love; only you can do that.

🥳 Celebrate what makes you unique and let your family find you.

🙊 You may find it increasingly hard to be quiet, and that’s okay!

🗣 Your message needs to be heard and may open new doors.

📚 For those who write, teach or want to share a message, consider creating a curriculum, textbook or technical (how-to) manual.

👩🏾‍🍳 Chefs, this is a time to create a cookbook.

📣 Speak up/speak out, especially if someone is pushing you to do something that is wrong, or feels wrong.

🤔 Ask questions with respect to money and legal matters, even if it’s unpopular for you to do so!

👥 Loyalties will be put to the test (revelation).

🤫 Secrets will find a way to a larger audience. Take power in this situation and prepare for an earlier announcement so you can control the dialogue.

🔎 You may be called to reveal a truth, as some secrets should not be kept. Follow your heart.

🌍 What’s your legacy on this planet? Use this to formulate your 2021 goals.

⏰ There’s no more time to waste. Set goals into action today!

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