♏️ SCORPIO November 2020 Complex partnerships await. Keep your cool, and you’ll come out winning! 👑

♏️ SCORPIO: 👨🏽‍💻 I see a complex partnership interaction unfolding. You can learn a lot from this person (and vice-versa). They are smart, outspoken and charismatic. Unfortunately, their ego often gets in the way.

💪🏾 Interacting with them will help you become more assertive and gain confidence.

⚖️ The flip-side is true: they can learn from you—namely in the areas of diplomacy, empathy and how to temper their emotions.

🗣 Speak up or push back as needed to make sure that you have time to state your ideas, too.

☯️ Aim for a symbiotic union — cooperative, not codependent. It’s quite possible that you’ve been pushed together by your guides to learn a lesson. Release that lesson and you’ll be able to move on from this situation.

🤬 Elevate your speech, however, and especially avoid being combatant—that’s the only thing that could veer you off-course.

👑 Your leadership abilities can (and will) shine if you see this through.

🥰 You have an ally waiting and cheering you on in the sidelines. They may want more than friendship, however, so send clear signals and establish boundaries, as necessary.

🔥 My guides showed me a tree that was being cut down for lumber or industrial uses. Then I saw the gap it left in the ecosystem.

🌲 I was then shown a tree that was only trimmed, but then left to grow and flourish—a renewable and sustainable resource.

♻️ This month, take a look at how you are consuming personal resources (time, energy, money) and work smarter. Aim for a sustainable, renewable flow of energy in your life as well.

🌏 Heal yourself, heal the planet and clear up environmental toxins (literal and figurative). ⚓️These heavy energies around you are holding you down and inhibiting the otherwise abundant flow that wants to come through.

👞 Dress/attire may not make the person, but it can make a lasting impression. Use it to your advantage to make sure you’re being taken seriously or seen in a different light.

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