♏️ SCORPIO September 2020: The Universe is awaiting your next move 👑 Your dreams will show the way!


🛌 Dreams and thoughts are magical; they help us connect with our inner alchemist, imbuing hope and possibilities into your life. Carry them with you always.

♟ The universe is awaiting your next move towards your dream. Remember that you move the chess pieces!

🌱 Feed your dreams and you’ll feed your opportunities; starve them and the inverse happens.

💬 Be mindful of sensitive conversations; assume they can (and will) be heard or find their way back to the source.

🗣 Be direct and constructive in communication. Avoid testing someone—it’s more powerful to talk it over.

💞 Go into conversations with a positive idea (e.g., “we can work it out”).

🤝 Get closure and avoid walking away angry or upset.

📚 Prepare for meetings and conversations—do your research!

⏰ Take things seriously or pass on them altogether. It’s best to value your time and others.’

💯 Always give 100% effort in what you’re doing; you never know how it will factor into your future plans.

💫 Find a way to stand out from the crowd. Be authentic and persistent with your dreams and goals.

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