🔮 September 2020 Readings by Star Sign (Replay)

All of the September 2020 LIVE Monthly Readings are now available on YouTube for replay.

  • ♈️ ARIES: Look people in the eyes and see the highest light! 👀 Healing is possible 💖
  • ♉️ TAURUS: Preparation & perseverance will help you call in The Star 🌠 Don’t give up!
  • ♊️ GEMINI: Balance all parts of your life & ride the cosmic wave of change! 🏄🏽‍♂️🌊
  • ♋️ CANCER: This is a time for new beginnings. ⌛️ The only way to finish is to start!
  • ♌️ LEO: 🌌 Reach for the stars, but don’t lose your sense of direction along the way.
  • ♍️ VIRGO: ⛰ It’s the space between the big moments that matter the most. Integrate! 🦋
  • ♎️ LIBRA: 🗣 Your voice is your frequency & your secret power—now’s the time to use it!
  • ♏️ SCORPIO: The Universe is awaiting your next move 👑 Your dreams will show the way!
  • ♐️ SAGITTARIUS: 👁 State your intentions to open synchronicities & embody High Priestess
  • ♑️ CAPRICORN: Use your heart as a 📸 lens. Develop your new vision. 🎞Now’s the time! 👟
  • ♒️ AQUARIUS: 🌊You have the power to stand tall amid a sea of change! Create balance!
  • ♓️ PISCES: 🚦There are no blocks, just signs—Redirect passion & focus on manifesting!

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