September 2021 Readings by Star Sign (Replay)

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Recap of Channeled Messages:

  • ♈️ ARIES: Two rapid changes are on the horizon. Sort out your life now and prepare!
  • ♉️ TAURUS: Expect major breakthroughs in all aspects of your life! Don’t hold back.
  • ♊️ GEMINI: If someone sees your potential, listen to them. Opportunity is knocking!
  • ♋️ CANCER: Special 8/8 Lion’s Gate & New Moon Forecast • Time to Change & Manifest!
  • ♌️ LEO: People are drawn to you. Love, partnerships & friendships take center stage.
  • ♍️ VIRGO: Like a moth shedding its cocoon, a new path awaits… are you ready? 
  • ♎️ LIBRA: Keep reaching for your goals and dreams; you’ll surpass your expectations!
  • 🌎 WEEKLY COLLECTIVE: Overcoming Blocks • Opportunities to Re-Energize • Heal & Release the Past
  • ♏️ SCORPIO: Be bold & step into the spotlight—an opportunity awaits if you’re ready!
  • ♐️ SAGITTARIUS: Simplify. Do less, but do it better. Ground yourself in success!
  • ♑️ CAPRICORN: Time to finish what you’ve started so you can open up a new opportunity!
  • 🌍 WEEKLY COLLECTIVE: Aug 22-29, 2021 • PLUS: Regaining Your Focus (The Big Picture) • Career & Finance
  • ♒️ AQUARIUS: Own your power—others will notice! Create, nurture, lead and inspire!
  • ♓️ PISCES: Speed is relative to perspective. You’re moving faster than you realize!
  • 🌏 WEEKLY COLLECTIVE: Aug 29-Sep 5 • How to Reach the Finish Line & Find Yourself Again!
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