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Nicholas Ashbaugh
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Marlou Hofma
20:08 09 Jul 20
His free readings on youtube, he’s very accurate!
Tonya Newhart
21:43 16 Apr 20
Nicholas provides very accurate, intuitive and beneficial readings! Also I will highly recommend his free YouTube Tarot readings and meditations👏🙏 ♋️
Lou Hill
08:52 05 Mar 20
Good common sense, knowledgable safe person, willing to help through what-ever you are going through. He is possitive, he is love! and will steer you in the right direction while you are at the wheel making your future decissions.
Judy Fenton
16:36 29 Feb 20
His Taurus horoscopes are amazingly accurate highly recommend ❤️🙏
Debbie Thomas
08:43 28 Feb 20
He is very kind caring pleasant and above all accurate. I could not recommend him enough! x
Maggie Moore
03:30 27 Feb 20
I have listened to Nick n Apollo for 5 years. When my husband passed away he saved my life. Love him dearly!
Alma Lozano
18:35 23 Feb 20
He is really accurate and easy to follow and really gives insightful information.
Michelle Higgins
18:15 21 Feb 20
Nicholas clearly operates within a heart space, challenging us to do the same with his messages, readings, and meditations. Thank you, Nicholas!
Gordana Rajter
23:11 14 Feb 20
I have just finished listening LIBRA March 2020 Live Extended and have meditated with Nicholas. It was amazing experience so I am going to repeat it. You are emanating such peaceful and warm vibrations (I am in Croatia). Thank you Nicholas.
Mae Roberts
08:41 03 Feb 20
Comfortable to listen to!
Deb Rod
14:40 01 Feb 20
He seems to have such insight into what’s coming next. I will be asking for a reading very soon. Love and light, Deb Rod
Dixie Carpenter
03:23 30 Jan 20
Nicholas is Amazing. He is blessed with valued gifts beneficial to all. Motivational while opening up awareness to the life lessons we all go thru. His persona is like relaxing and relating with an old friend.who is there to support us on this... journey of life. He captures the quintessence of living our best life and I urge you to experience what he is sharing. I know I have been pleasantly impacted by his teachings. Thank you Nicholas and I appreciate you.read more
Joan Embleton
01:04 29 Jan 20
He helped me in healings
Angelica Campos
18:43 27 Jan 20
Nicholas is amazing Listen to his readings are so well described he seems like a beautiful person thank you for your work
Debi Dahl Wirth
07:55 26 Jan 20
I’ve just watched my first Tarot reading with Nicholas. His entire presentation is so authentic, real...it touched my soul! Explanations were clear. Meditation was inspiring. I will be coming back often! I have so much more energy after... listening to Nicholas...thank you! Your February reading for Scorpio was spot on! I am newly widowed after being a caregiver for many years...now I am on my own and am going to be selling our home and moving into my own new place! There is so much more...but spot on! Thank you Nicholas! Peace and love!
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Sharon Pichea Hill
17:01 18 Jan 20
Nicholas is sincere. He is genuine in his readings.
Lisa Elliott
20:05 10 Jan 20
spot on each month look forward to the readings😍
Rosalba Maldonado
07:40 09 Jan 20
Su acertivo trabajo, la dedicación para este trabajo y por compartirlo así con alentarnos a seguir mejorando!
MaryAnn Speciale
02:43 09 Jan 20
Nicholas feels sincere and intuitive and provides clarity in his readings. I look forward to scheduling a reading with him. He is very gifted.
Tina King
04:31 06 Jan 20
I wish I had the right words about Nicholas.
I’ve been going to him for a year now for guidance, and he is so amazing at his craft. He’s real. He’s honest. And he can relate to anyone in ANY situation. Nothing I write here could do him justice.... If you have the opportunity to speak with him - do it! ❤️read more
Nicholas is not only a vibrantly kindred spirit he has embodied words to sooth, comfort, encourage our souls to be, to live your best life, to be strong and overcome difficulties in your life. Be strong & courageous to overcome obstacles. Most... importantly to be gentle within ourselves. To have the passion within to learn, teach and expand in love and compassion. A drop in a bucket casting waves to a society worthy of higher spirituality. Many blessings my dear Nicholas, with love Joanni R.read more
Zialina Rasmussen
11:15 05 Jan 20
❤️❤️❤️ Han er dygtig og inspirerende 🙏🏻
In life i hear so many readers and also i work my self with energies so easy i could pick up a real true reader and energy worker so Nicholas is amazing one i could feel it ..... thank you for your time and such a support ... have a lovely holidays... .... blessing to you .......read more
Megan R. Gardner
19:26 23 Dec 19
Truly gifted, thorough, encouraging, and thought provoking! Skeptics beware! Its as if Nicholas tweeked/ adjusted the internal compass towards true north as it directs my personal journey through this lifetime.
Linda Prout
12:43 19 Dec 19
Very intuitive. Right to the point and explains. Great job. Highly recommend.
Andy Barba
04:56 18 Dec 19
I literally just got off the phone with Nicholas about half an hour ago and I feel amazing! Not only because my reading was positive, but because Nicholas was so kind, personable, thoughtful, and present with me. I didn't expect him to have so much... practical advice for my specific situations as he did. He came up with multiple ideas on how to approach others in my life with topics that I may have not been sure how to bring up on my own. He was very eager and excited to draw cards and ask questions that came up for me as we continued our discussion. Nicholas was right there with me, on the same wavelength through the entire hour. He was telling me things that I'd only ever thought to myself. It was so validating to hear him describe aspects of my intuition that I have always had a hard time putting into words! I can't stress what a big deal that is for me! It's as if he were in my own thoughts and feelings. We were able to cover so much ground, too! Career, love life, money, my own spiritual path, home life. All the things that were important to me. It felt like talking to a friend 🙂 If you're wondering if you should get a reading from Nicholas, I highly recommend you do. I feel like it just gave me some clarity on what I need to focus on moving forward, and I want everyone to be able to receive that gift too. The only thing I'd say I wish were different is that since it's over the phone, I did get kinda lost sometimes not being able to see the cards. Even though he explained the meanings for me, a small part of me wished I could have seen what he was seeing to follow along a little better. But that did not prevent the reading from being insightful, inspiring, and validating. Set up an appointment you guys!read more
Laura Brooks
17:17 06 Dec 19
He's very insightful and inspirational - a very gifted Lightworker!
Teresa Kelton
18:36 02 Dec 19
Readings are right on target alot off things in videos actually happen.
Om Rahma
13:02 27 Nov 19
I love you so much your the best most harmonies person I've ever watched on YouTube. I wish I can meet you one day and you can be my mentor
Michele Henderson
23:17 08 Nov 19
He is accurate and inspirational!
Rose Bender
13:20 06 Nov 19
Nicholas has a true gift! Incredibly intuitive, professional, and compassionate. Every monthly forecast has been 'spot on' for me. I learn a lot about myself and about life from him. I look forward to every forecast, they bring me a sense of hope... and peace! Namaste 🕉💜🙏read more
Dave Purgason
01:23 06 Nov 19
Nicholas is very professional, intuitive, and provides clarity to the unknown. Thank you, Nicholas.
Terri North Lenhart
12:51 05 Oct 19
Brand New listener just this morning! Nicholas is gentle, soft-spoken, clear in relaying a message, positive and guided by love and light. I am thankful to have stumbled across this beautiful and intuitive soul 🤗
Sophie Baillon
16:16 04 Oct 19
Clear and helpful guidance
Excellent communicator
Regular with videos
Brings clarity to situation
Grateful for your gift and how you use tinto spread light , jhope and love to.others.
Thank you.
Cher Martin
10:20 19 Sep 19
He is very thorough, looking at readings from many different aspects. His readings are also very accurate! Thank you Nicholas!
Liberty Forrest
13:48 15 Sep 19
I've been following Nicholas on YouTube for some time and am amazed by the accuracy of his readings. Even more impressive is his beautiful spirit, calming and reassuring nature, and pretty much everything about the way he shares the information he... gets from Spirit. He radiates kindness, compassion and warmth in every word and anyone who gets to be in his world and call him "friend or family" is very blessed indeed. Thank you, Nicholas, for all you give and do. You are deeply appreciated and highly respected. With love,
Liberty <3
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Sepideh Dadsetan
04:37 22 Aug 19
He’s amazing! Insightful and positive
Andressa Gigante
02:31 13 Aug 19
Im just very gratefull for your readings... so usefull for self knowledge... 😉 <3
Philomena Palamara
00:54 07 Aug 19
Thankyou for being so honest and answering my questions. God Bless 💜
Marlise Smit
09:57 11 Jul 19
I love his clear messages, and the way he explains concepts.
Bern Jones McGee
21:36 08 Jul 19
One of my favorite readers. His messages are positive and he is always spot on.
Curtis Towler
00:51 06 Jul 19
Extremely intelligent readings with depth, congruency and real understanding of the cards. I dig it and enjoy your readings, Nicholas. Thank you.
Sheikh Afrina
13:22 03 Jul 19
i really feel from my heart his reading
Robin Burnash
07:03 03 Jul 19
I've been so impressed when I sit in on his readings as to how honest his viewpoints are and his overarching encouragement that we be aware and take center stage in our lives. Ultimately we are responsible for the decisions or lack of forward... movement that occurs in our life when we sit back and expect things to just fall into place.
I found so much truth in what was shared. Of course Mr. Ashbaugh cannot see all that is happening from a general reading but he hit on so many points that it would be irresponsible not to take action to improve my direction and "spread my wings". I am worth it!
Thank you Nicholas.
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Lynda Caddell
03:31 23 May 19
He is so spot on and the way he communicates the messages is very loving, compassionate and precise.
Wendy Shull
14:36 06 May 19
I just heard May reading for my astrological sign -SUPERB AND IN DEPTH! Thank you so much! Happy that you were put before me! Accepting all those great energies and giving them back to you, Nicholas! HUGS💜
Alla Gallagher
01:11 01 May 19
I've been watching many different tarot readers, but Nicolas is one who speaks with sincerity, knowledge, purpose, and genuine caring. He is thorough, not rushed, desires to have his listener understand and contemplate. Thank you so much.
Deiniol Wyn Rees
23:49 30 Apr 19
You are pretty amazing. Helping me out alot. Your the best on you tube without a doubt . Xx
Ruthie Burns Joubert
17:29 25 Apr 19
I just stumbled upon Nicholas' readings on YouTube, but his messages resonated with me immediately. Generally spot on for me.
Judy Lachowski
11:59 31 Mar 19
His amazing ability to read into the cards, and give you feedback on what you need to put into get the greater good for you to benefit those around you.
Andrea Haynes Peart
21:29 26 Mar 19
Nicholas is incredibly accurate. He zeroes in on the main message; the essence of a situation...and he makes it look effortless. My spirit took to him from the moment I ‘met’ him.
Josie Linsao
06:08 25 Mar 19
Simply easy to understand. Direct to the point. Thanks
Tru Evans
04:39 25 Mar 19
Nicholas is down to earth and to the point. I enjoy his readings as he is caring and concerned for his followers.
I just came across him on youtube immediately drawn to him within few minutes watching. His readings are so intuitive and full of insights without sugar-coating nor patronising . Nicholas is genuinely gifted. His demeanour is soo soothing and... approachable. You’re one of my fav readers. Thank you for the work you’ve done. Blessings to you!read more
Helen Walters
21:59 07 Mar 19
The clarity of his readings.
Angela Muzzin
21:50 05 Mar 19
Hi Nicholas, I am very surprised at the subtle yet profound accuracies with your Reading ... great work and I will be sure to pass on to friends and family and will book in for s Reading shortly 🙏❤️ Angela Muzzin ( Australia... 🇦🇺)read more
Pooja Sharma
19:22 05 Mar 19
He is a blessed soul with amazing positive energy. Though I have never spoken to him or seen him in person, there is an instant connect whenever I see his videos. His tarot reading is not only about future but also gives direction and guidance. ... His meditation techniques are very effective. I totally wait for his videos, love to listen to him and try to follow every point he makes. Love and light to you Nicholas may you always keep guiding all of us.read more
Paige Parker
18:11 05 Mar 19
I love the videos AND Personal Reading!!!!

Love and Light!!!!
Dimitra Kourvaniou
10:04 03 Mar 19
I just heard him for the first time on he march video clip. Very thorough, very expansive , pulls in all threads that make sense , even though it’s a general reading ...Very illuminating , it gets to the core..
I will certainly keep note of his... reading for the current month .....and we shall see what followsread more
Jenny Heather Milne
22:06 27 Feb 19
Really informative, comes across clearly and is working honestly from the heart and for the betterment of humanity. A genuine loving soul.
Lydia Guerra
22:52 13 Feb 19
He is a caring person who takes time to share positive messages of hope, love and light!!! BLESSINGS to you Nicholas!!🙏
Jessica Keener
13:50 09 Feb 19
calm, wise, intuitive, grounded. Easy to take in.
Lisa Henson
06:18 05 Feb 19
Explains everything and how they are connected to each other and the best way to remedy the situation.
Charlie Lackey
05:54 08 Jan 19
He is very easy to listen to, quite calming his experience speaks volumes
Jo Murphy
19:16 01 Jan 19
The whole tone, pace and thought-process of NA's readings make them rather arresting although I am not really a tarot person, his readings have converted me!
Anita Sinha
11:10 05 Dec 18
Nicholas Ashbaug's readings are indepth, honest, and clear. He also has the rare ability to express unpleasant truths in a reading with kindness. His readings are precise, positive, hopeful, full of relevant information and guidance. I wish him a... speedy recovery and all the best for his future endeavours.read more
Andreana Vlahovic
22:56 04 Dec 18
he is very skilled lovely and beautiful person to listen to ......
Teresa Kelton
13:03 04 Dec 18
I like that his reading are very personal and caring. They seem to always hit home for me.
Karolina Babickova
04:56 04 Dec 18
Every month I listen to his videos and I can’t believe.. how he can know so much about me? It helps a lot every month a step by step to work on myself❤️
Oksana Fediourko
19:12 18 Nov 18
amazing intuitive wonderful Soul
Cynthia Borders
22:17 06 Nov 18
He presents things in a direct, but simple understanding. His presentation is calming and unstressful; full of heart, soul, spirit !
Debbie McGinnis
16:09 05 Nov 18
His insight is delivered in such a way that you can easily understand, but it also allows you to think beyond, to think greater. He has a true gift and uses it well.
Nay Priddy
14:31 05 Nov 18
Nicolas Ashbaugh's tarot readings are always so accurate!!
I love how in depth his monthly readings are and I highly recommend Nicholas to anyone looking for guidance, reassurance or even abit of direction in their life. Sending love & light your... way Nicholas Xxread more
Shawna Hawk
19:17 03 Sep 18
Monthly Astrological readings
Gloria Gene O'Sullivan
18:21 02 Sep 18
Great,grounded, straight forward, honest and appears to be a man of integrity.
I feel that he emotionally. Gget connect to everyone's energy n explains. With a deep generosity
He is the best reader I've experienced till
Sarah Katherine
16:42 31 Aug 18
Extremely insightful and on point. He is a true lightworker.
Karen Pierce Trento
23:35 27 Aug 18
Nicholas is a very positive soul who is here to raise the vibrations on the universe....I believe he does!
Rita Moore
01:46 02 Aug 18
Very in depth and accurate reading. Caring without sugar-coating. Very grateful I found you.
Eli Zabeth
02:45 03 Jul 18
I just came across a couple of videos and I think you’re truly amazing. I want to express my gratitude to you for making those videos and sharing your love � �
Erin Campbell
01:50 03 Jul 18
I so enjoy listening to all your wisdom n it’s like you answer all my thoughts and questions in my mind!
Teresa Cabrera
19:28 29 Jun 18
I just became a fan of Nicholas. His interpretative readings are quite satisfying and his calm, serene presence is captivating. I can't wait for the months to come to see what he offers. I am a Libra sign and am grateful for his informative... readings. I am a fan!read more
Dawn Michelet
00:42 27 Jun 18
He is amazing. He hits the nail on the head. I totally recommend him
Ingela Hedgårds
11:18 26 Jun 18
Han är verkligen en riktig Lightworker.!!!.
Rackel Quintas
13:07 19 Jun 18
Tarot reading with responsibility and passion.
Christy Jo
05:22 19 Jun 18
He is easy to listen to and makes so much sense to me.
Anthony Boyd
00:59 19 Jun 18
this man is the truth. my girlfriend and I have been tuned into his youtube for 2 years and he has been on point every month. he also serves as great spiritual guide!
Gwen Williams
00:37 19 Jun 18
I'm very impressed about all the information you share, I have had so many of those experiences but I couldn't tell anyone, so you helped me to except those gifts..
Sally McLaughlin
08:11 05 Jun 18
Being a light worker and caregiver myself, I found the meditation on reclaiming energy...absolutely nourishing.! How important and essential to care for your own self first...energy wise. Namaste, great thanks Nicholas
I love Nicholas readings! He is the best!
Shira Brener
23:18 02 Jun 18
nicholas just amazing !!!!
Maanya Kkohli
05:20 12 May 18
Nicholas is a blessed soul. I am a Tarot Reader myself but sometimes you need guidance from another soul. I am grateful to the Divine for having connected me to him via Tarot. Nicholas is an excellent reader who genuinely wishes to help people and... expand the collective consciousness. He could understand the issues I am facing in my personal life and gave me guidance to manage my life and fulfill my dreams. Divine Gratitude Nicholas!read more
Lori Johnstone
14:31 10 May 18
Nicholas has a very calming presence about him. His readings are so well delivered and you can see that he really cares. He’s a very articulate person and I feel well prepared and centered after hearing about what the month has in store for us... Taureans. What made me want to post a rating,however, was his challenge. He made a plea for everyone listening to use their gifts to spread light in the world. Often those of us who are intuitive and creative have been a little beaten down, and encouraged into more mainstream professions. We need to do these jobs to get by. But I see Nicholas’s challenge as a rallying cry, to find a way around barriers in order to spread our light. There is always a way to help others, we only need to find it! Thank you, Nicholas!read more
Pauline Gill
15:11 08 Apr 18
Wonderful and in depth readings love and best wishes from west yorkshire uk
Manu Lakhanpal
15:02 07 Apr 18
Nicholas expression of words is really great .His predictions on the cards is really balanced ..it gives good direction and overall insight.More of light worker in midst of all situations.clarity rate awsme.
Lisa Hutchinson
00:32 03 Apr 18
Amazen . I got answers and direction on everything i needed to know. Gift from god 👌🙌❤
Jessica Wang
06:36 03 Mar 18
I like his logic and clear views! Even though I just came across his reading the first time today, he’s got this clean vibe that attracts me to listen and visualize what he said!
He is great right on the money. Listen for your self and you too will be pleasantly surprised
Alystyre Julian
02:07 28 Jan 18
Just doubled back to Jan read and was redeemed by the revisit
Janine Joy Hyslop
13:25 25 Dec 17
This guy is very helpful and uplifting to listen to, really appreciate his energy.
Christie Campbell
16:16 21 Dec 17
I’ve been following his monthly readings for over a year now and they are very helpful in the sense that I have extra tools and expanded awareness of my opportunities and choices. A bigger picture view of my life. I’ve told some of my friends how... impressed I am by him and they watch now too, agreeing that this information resonates. His demeaner is so approachable and down to earth. Also loving the masculine energy in this very female flooded land of Astrology. I see his purity shine like ✨gold✨
Thanks Nick!! 🙏
read more
Bliss Blossum
22:34 19 Nov 17
This man is "Spiritually FIT"!!! Will you please be my Guru?
Nancy Grindland
05:38 08 Nov 17
Nicholas is a very gifted person with a compassionate heart. Thanks for the help NIcholas! 💛
Vicki Harkins
13:55 22 Oct 17
Nicholas is the real deal! He is spot on in his personal readings and gives guidance that is extremely helpful. I love his monthly and weekly readings as well. I highly recommend him if you’re looking for a personal reading. You will be blown away... by his insight and his accuracy. He’s one of the most caring , open, awesome human beings out there.read more
Barb Jungr
07:57 06 Oct 17
Beautiful and a sensitive readings, recommended by a friend and love this work.
Heidi Bender
02:46 22 Sep 17
I feel like Nicholas actually knows this craft and knows how to work it to get the full understanding of how we all want to know more about our lives daily and how to live it without extra confusion. Nickolas helps me in how I need to learn from his... cards on how I need to play out my life that month nicely.read more
Love him. He is soothing, reasonable, enlightened, passionate... Nicholas truly knows his calling.
Kathy Kochem
14:05 28 Aug 17
Nicholas is the most reassuring presence on social media today.
Kat Randel
16:14 14 Aug 17
I was drawn to Nicholas' readings a couple years ago, when I was moving through some tough times. I have been incredibly impressed with how accurate his readings always are in relation to what's happening at any given moment.

Much gratitude... for the gift he bestows upon on all of us beautiful souls.read more
Yvon Gravel
05:22 05 Aug 17
You are very good! Yvon de Montreal. Merci!
Vida Garcia
18:35 04 Aug 17
Nicholas is by far the BEST! Always on Point and I absolutely love his energy..
Christine Taraskiewicz
03:43 04 Aug 17
Each week and month I'm eager to see the notification from Nicholas. Calms me. Guides me. It's almost as if he's connecting with my ancestors and Spirit Guides.
Deborah Hernandez
05:25 03 Aug 17
Love this reading , you are wonderful .
Thank you, for all that you do!
Judy DeCoux
12:40 02 Aug 17
Love his deep explanations of what and how to use his readings...very in lighting.
Teresa Kelton
11:34 02 Aug 17
His reading are right on point. Most accurate i have every heard. I was going thru a difficult time with my husband and he hit it right on the mark. Also had health issue . He warned me to get it checked out. I am so glad i listened to him... and did it. It saved my life. With the issue with my husband i felt like he was right in my livingroom speaking to me personally.read more
Ing-marie Broberg
06:52 02 Aug 17
LOVE This channel :)))
Anna Paisley
22:50 01 Aug 17
Always appreciate your upbeat-down-to-earth-spot-on intuitive readings! Blessings 💗
Simona Tentea
20:08 01 Aug 17
Love your readings and your interpretations! Thank you for your effort. Much appreciated.
Susan Hardiman
20:04 01 Aug 17
Nicholas is truly gifted. His readings are very helpful and spot on and it keeps me subscribed to his channel.
Alex Tz
14:38 29 Jul 17
Nicholas has an amazing positive energy and high vibration, I really love his readings, he's always spot on and give a great guidance. We can tell he's a beautiful soul when listening to him. Thank you Nicholas, for sharing your gift and love with... us �read more
Brooke Carnevale
14:21 13 Jul 17
I have been following you on YouTube for quite some time now, your readings are soooo accurate and have given me such a feeling of peace and strength in difficult times. You are true blessing and I can't wait to do a reading with you - blessings to... you Xxxread more
Lyd Lyd
00:20 05 Jul 17
Nicholas readings always resonate with me. His voice is so soothing and something about his persona that makes you feel extremely comfortable. I haven't bumped into any other channel quite like his. He is definitely one of a kind. BLESS�
Haru No
21:57 03 Jul 17
You're great... Thank you so much for information Sir.
Violeta Gliaudiene
06:43 02 Jul 17
Thank you, Nicholas 🙂
Mumtaz Celeste
02:52 03 Jun 17
I've been following this talented and frankly gorgeous reader for ages now. He's spot on - just wish he was in the UK.
Sara Azimian
03:42 19 May 17
Incredibly accurate! This channel was introduced to me by a friend at a time that I had so much anxiety and depression. I started watching in April 2017 and the reading was so accurate and helpful. He started the reading by saying that April was a... good month to do anything that started with "re" for example "restarting". I was signed up to retake my board exam that I had failed twice before, which was the source of my anxiety and depression. I got so much comfort and reassurance from his video. Along with that the rest of the video was also extremely accurate and helpful. The May reading was also supper relevant. One comment in the May reading was that there would be good news the second or third week of May. This may be foolish but I really believed this and exactly in the third week I received news that I had passed my board exam! I can't even express how much support I felt from his energy. I now look forward to every months reading. Thank you so much for what you do and provide.read more
Rose Walsh
06:18 12 May 17
Thank you Nicholas for your wonderful monthly readings they bring such clarity positivity and guidance to my life as a Capricorn .you are truly a wonderful inspiring person . I love your meditations they are so grounding. ������Namaste �����
Susan Wrath
23:59 09 May 17
The May Tarot reading I got for the first time was spot on. Nicholas hit on every facet for direction for this month & beyond in my life. It had been on everything that had been weighing on me & how to get a grip to come out of it. He has a true... gift. Namasteread more
Lori Dickinson
22:09 05 May 17
This guy is so clear and right on point. I felt everything he talked about.
Elaine De Maria
18:04 29 Apr 17
He is a lovely person and his readings are very precise. Love them all!
Vyas Raj
14:40 28 Apr 17
Thank you Nicholas you are Great in future forcast
Sheena Ochoa
06:05 19 Apr 17
^_^ Hello Nicholas �

• Nicholas Your Great � always on Point• �
I love You Video


Sheena Ochoa ~.~
Dee Fritz Don
02:39 07 Apr 17
Watch his monthly videos...so insightful...looking forward to a personal reading at some point.
Joni James
23:18 28 Mar 17
I look forward to his readings. They are truly intuitive, sensitive, and poignant. I can always count on his guidance!! Namaste, Nicholas! PUHA!!
Anna Genaro
05:39 02 Mar 17
I enjoy and look forward to what he has to say each month and what I need to focus on. He is a caring and sincere reader.
Teja Teja
03:36 02 Mar 17
Everything has been said..you are very accurate thank you Nicholas ..
Philippa Shenandoah
09:24 22 Feb 17
Intuitive Tarot by Nicholas is a great resource to gain clarity on the month ahead. In my experience Nicholas has tuned into the most important factors and offered completely unbiased guidance. The monthly videos have been a valuable tool to... navigate situations. I appreciate the insight into what needs attention regarding health, wealth, and love. Nicholas keeps it real, he is able to explain the forecast of what is in the cards. He has a practical sensibility, yet maintains a level of compassion for the listener. Nicholas truly has natural intuitive ability, and a generous spirit to share his gift. Thank you Nicholas!!!
I had a 1-1 reading with Nicholas, and it was so good, I gave one to my best friend too!!!
read more
Liliana Alupoaei
22:35 19 Feb 17
I love these readings. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with all of us!
Amaliah Grace
02:28 13 Feb 17
The monthly readings for Libra have been spot on and I love and enjoy the breath of wisdom you bring to the knowledge you share and the visualizations you offer. You are positively affirming so I keep doing the small steps forward with my business.... Blessings to you for all that you bring to the world Nicholas. Amaliah Grace - soul and Sound Healer.read more
Jonathan Redfield
18:18 10 Feb 17
Nicholas is a very real wonderful being. Much Love
Nonni Mari
21:05 02 Feb 17
find his reading very interesting and very thorough
Linda Keen
17:56 29 Jan 17
Nicholas' YouTube Tarot readings are superb. He is a very gifted, caring and beautiful human being. I feel so fortunate to have discovered his work.
Kerry Ann
10:49 25 Jan 17
Last nights private reading was amazing, full of such helpful and great advice to help me moving forward with my plans...Completely read and understood my entire situation. No questions were needed as Nicholas answered all without me even having to... say a word. Thank you so much, I think I found my go to intuitive reader =) xread more
Melissa White
00:41 15 Dec 16
Really beautiful experience! It was a blessing to receive such an insightful, detailed, accurate reading from Nicholas. I resonate with his style and so appreciate his sincere approach. Feeling very grateful to have been able to connect with such a... wonderful soul. Thank you !read more
Paula J. Chase
02:58 07 Dec 16
I enjoy Nicholas readings and will try and set up a personal reading over the holiday. He seems very sincere and insightful.
Copper Wiezi
02:03 27 Nov 16
Nicholas is an amazing intuitive! If you want to gain a little more insight into your world, check him out!
Isabelle Ruddy
15:09 15 Nov 16
I had a personal intuitive tarot reading with Nicholas yesterday. By far, the best reading I have had yet. He is extremely thorough and really helps you work through solutions to any problems you may be encountering in your life. Helps to shed light... on knowledge you've had inside of you all along. Thank you, Nicholas.read more
Dalzenia Sams
12:00 15 Nov 16
great vibe , clean energy..information seems very relevant for me , concrete directives that can be acted upon, very positive . thank you Aquarius
thank you ,Dalzenia ~Artist4Peace....
Liz Dauw
16:13 02 Oct 16
Love your readings Nicholas!
Kiesha Bougere
19:58 19 Sep 16
He is great at his craft, I appreciate how accurate he is, I look forward to seeing Intuitive Tarot by Nicholas lol! 🙂 I like the wise energy you possess, I am grateful for you sharing your gifts with us.
Karen Bailey
20:25 08 Sep 16
For Aquarious September 2016 reading, he is spot on! My daughter also watched a reading, she is Virgo and again, he was accurate! I will definitely be following his readings for each month 🙂 would love to have a a private reading with him.
Roselinde Schneider
07:25 23 Aug 16
HeloNicholas i think your excellet!!! Keep up the good energie and thank you for every video of your teachings! If i may ask,what book would u reference to think positiv or achive higher self or change priorities in life. Thank you very much. Wish... u a great day�read more
Kimberly Fisher Evans
22:22 21 Jul 16
When he speaks I can feel his positive energy. I live the way his perception of a card to some might seem negative he presents it as its not .
He helps me to see through the negative much stronger then I used to. His reading are pretty spot on... for the Sagittarius I am.read more
Donna Birkley Crenshaw
05:38 13 Jul 16
I look forward to Nicholas' readings. They are right on.
Anna Haegeman
21:22 11 Jul 16
Even in summertime I enjoyed the Winter 2016 Sacred Meditation 🙂
Laura Lynn Jotzat
05:24 31 May 16
I just started viewing Nicholas' astrological video readings in the last few months. My Aries readings have been so spot-on accurate and the guidance has really helped me when stuff comes up. I find Nicholas' spiritual insight to be both profound... and practical. Thanks, Nicholas!read more
Sandy Thompson Kamp
13:42 12 May 16
Nicholas is very thoughtful and clearly gifted, highly recommend him.
Ilse Wenzel
23:01 09 May 16
Nicholas comes through every time with his readings. I very much enjoy them
Coki Cosimano
04:44 02 May 16
Enjoy his references to Reiki and Yoga to enhance tarot readings....torion456
Jenny Thorne
22:56 14 Apr 16
Love your videos on you tube new to your Facebook page be assured I will follow you on all media
Linda Moran
15:01 07 Apr 16
Nicholas is a sincere and lovely person. I always look forward to his monthly readings on YouTube. He delivers his readings with such charm and has a genuine interest in helping people. I was lucky enough to get a personal reading with Nicholas via... Skype and I was not disappointed. I can highly recommend. Thank you.read more
Aida Rivera
08:32 02 Apr 16
Capricorn Is born in January I like is reading so I watch him when he Reading is Tarot he very good I would like for someone to read my Cards
Mina Nguyen
05:42 28 Mar 16
Thank you Nicholas, you have mapped out my issues very clearly, especially with very limited information through our email reply option. I have watched my video replies twice now and smile each time when you spoke out about my concerns and what I... already know. I appreciate your answers and this has helped me when deciding on my next steps. I value your personal message about following your passion and not have fear make the decision for me. I look forward to working with you again in the near future. THANK YOU, once again.

read more
At Emi
10:44 18 Mar 16
He is very expressive and genuine in his readings . I always look forward for his video.
Shirley Cooper
03:40 14 Mar 16
Everyone book a reading with nicholas the very best I've ever come across be very careful of some when uve paid yr money u don't have to waite for weeks or months for a reading or a reply plus he's honest 100 percent right on the mark no one can... match this guy people book a reading or go on u tube he's on there monthly money well spent and he not SCAM YOU go nicholasread more
Stacey Solomon
14:58 09 Mar 16
Nicholas gets right to the point! His interpretation of the Tarot spread is direct, organized, and very clearly conveyed. I'm a newer follower, but feel drawn to his insight, and knowledge. Cool that Nick lives in California ☀️
Ryan Tate
05:14 11 Feb 16
Professional, well put-together channel. Best psychic I've found so far.
Ibis Suau
03:20 15 Jan 16
i always really look foward to his monthly readings in his YouTube channel.He is honest straight to the point.
I always foward his reading videos to my family and friends, and they seem to agreed with me on the clarity of his readings. God bless... his ability.read more
Lulú Thomas
14:02 09 Jan 16
THANK YOU!... You, have a gift for helping people. Excelente!... Wonderful!... Muchas gracias por tu AMOR a tus seguidores... GOD BLESS YOU... Much love.
Holly I. Hansen
01:29 02 Dec 15
Nicholas did a reading for me last month. He brings really great energy into his readings and it is very apparent that he reads with sincerity and compassion. His reading resonated with me and left me feeling validated and hopeful. I definitely... recommend you have a reading if there is anything in which you may need guidance or direction. Namasté.read more
Anita H. Hearty
02:34 06 Nov 15
Awesome November forecast, really resonated with the guidance. Will consider these pearls of wisdom as they help to illuminate the path. Thanks for taking the time to do these videos.
Phuong V Le
15:52 01 Nov 15
His voice sounds nice to me. Love to listen his monthly horoscope reading which try to make things positive for everyone. Thanks Nicholas. Wish you well and happy in life and in what you are doing for us !
Beverly Mobley
23:51 31 Oct 15
Readings are highly accurate, and Nicholas has a fantastic technique and delivery. Caring and receptive intuitive reader!
Rita Smith
21:29 27 Oct 15
I think you are great, very passionate about your work. You make me feel happy. Keep the good work up. Rita
Ronda Asher Harrison
14:24 21 Oct 15
Very impressive! Saw him on You Tube and was amazed at how accurate and in great detail his Tarot card readings are. I also checked the cost of a personal reading and it is very reasonable so head on over there!
Toni Schulze
00:33 09 Oct 15
Very impressed ...right on point. I just felt it was meant for me to hear this. I plan to get a reading.
C-Lion Ng
13:52 02 Oct 15
Nicholas is a true gem. Not only can you feel his genuine interest in helping people through his Youtube videos and personal readings but he is extremely intuitive, to the point and very honest. I really admired the kind and caring way he delivered... his messages but also his uplifting and calming energy. I definitely recommend him to anyone (even if you're sceptic!) and wish him all the best!read more
Alicia Kedz Sarin
16:20 28 Jul 15
Just finished a Skype reading with Nicholas... he was Wonderful! Great personality and spot on! If you are thinking about booking a reading, please do it! I look forward to another reading in a few months! 🙂
Gaby Ruelas
13:15 15 May 15
I absolutely loved my reading with you--such dead-on insight left me speechless and very grateful.
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