♍️ VIRGO August 2020: 🌅 It’s a new dawn. Act now—don’t wait for change to come to you. Transform. 🐣

♍️ VIRGO: If you feel like spiritual tumbleweed, it’s time to focus and clear your mind. Don’t wait for change to happen, as this invites Tower-like energy. Ground yourself by setting goals and making plans. This empowers you and opens up new opportunities. Change and the unknown are both scary and fun—focus on the latter. It’s a new dawn. I saw an image of you shapeshifting in the fog. Let your imagination take you where you need to go. This year is like the Fool and World combined—a “bookend” or portal year. Listen to your inner Hunger and Desire; this primal energy is trying to tell you something. How are you filling time? Is it fulfilling or just filling? Use time wisely (don’t kill it). Think of “filler” activities like empty calories—they’re never worth it and won’t satiate the hunger. Use your passion to ignite your dreams and embolden your spirit!

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