♍️ VIRGO September 2020: ⛰ It’s the space between the big moments that matter the most. Integrate! 🦋

♍️ VIRGO September 2020:

🌑Embrace the unknown. Re-invention awaits if you do.

⛰ The space between the big moments in your life can have great significance; sometimes they feel like a hop or a skip, sometimes they feel more like the Grand Canyon. The perceived distance shrinks as you integrate the lessons learned into your life.

👓 Integrate and become the version of yourself that you envisioned. Face the Shadow of Fear. Hiding from fear only feeds it, but knowledge conquers it. Heal, raise your frequency and shine brighter. Just try!

☯️ Creation and Destruction are symbiotic energies; one gives way to the other. Rise from the ashes and decide what’s next for you.

🙇🏽‍♀️ Always think one step ahead—beyond the finish line. Do this and you will be inspired and will remain in the flow of manifestation.

💖 Truly feel what you are doing and creating. Your heart is a gateway for the divine.

🌏 Growth opportunities may involve distant connections, travel or moving beyond your state, province or country.

🧱 If you’re hitting a brick wall or feel stuck, simply show up. If you consistently show up, you’ll be held up by the Divine. Remember to: stay open, stay clear of toxic influences, be consistent, be perseverant and be hopeful.

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