WEEKLY COLLECTIVE READING • September 5-12, 2021 • Hidden Opportunities: What Are You Missing?

Today’s Special Topic (as chosen by members, subscribers and patrons) is “Hidden Opportunities: What Are You Missing.” The reading also includes a 7-day Forecast, Blessings & Blocks and an Elemental Breakdown for Earth, Air, Water and Fire Signs.

Your triple totem is comprised of the Hercules beetle, the asteroid Pallas, and a white dwarf (star remnant).

  • The Hercules beetle appeared to me as I woke up; I heard its wings flapping and saw how large it was. A Divine Masculine symbol, this scarab is the longest beetle and one of the largest flying insects in the world.
  • Its larval state can take up to 2 years to develop—with 3 stages of metamorphosis—before it reaches adulthood.
  • The oversized horn on the Hercules beetle is not decorative, rather, it helps male beetles settle disputes. Like the King of Swords in reverse, remember to fight only the battles worthy of your time and energy.
  • Be honest, concise, constructive and elevate the narrative.
  • This beetle can carry 850x its body mass. You, too, can handle almost anything, but don’t carry the weight of the world on your back. Share the load with others.
  • Like the 10 of Wands, a task is near completion. Don’t give up now. Focus on the finish line!
  • Scarab beetles symbolize ends, beginnings and rebirth.
  • In dreams, I was shown the asteroid Pallas, which is named after the Goddess Pallas Athena.
  • This asteroid represents your talents in art, wisdom, defense and justice.
  • Pallas Athena, its namesake, was born by springing out of her father Zeus’ skull. She was born in full armor and was blessed with wisdom beyond compare.
  • You may land on an epiphany or an intuitive “a-ha” moment. Trust this!
  • If you’re stressed or overworked, then headaches, migraines or insomnia may ensue.
  • Rest and clear your mind. Set clear intentions as well (avoiding 7 of Cups distraction).
  • White dwarf stars are the stellar remnants left behind after a red giant burns its fuel.
  • Their carbon crystalizes, forming a giant diamond in space. This is your moment to clarify and crystalize your intentions.
  • White dwarfs also represent an end phase. Use the wisdom you acquired to set a new course.
  • Finally, I was shown a vision of a pregnant woman (Empress). She was impatient with the process of birthing, and then, later, I sensed frustration as she was teaching a child.
  • Remember to nurture your inner child. Don’t rush things. Growth takes time.