Bonus Collective Reading to Celebrate 300K • Special Topic “The Compass: Messages from your Guides” • Plus: Q&A

Your spirit totem is the sea urchin

See 00:03:29 for a complete run-down of all messages as this is a summary.
  • In communication, stay open and avoid being overly defensive. Elevate the dialogue and step away from 10 of Swords-style exchanges.
  • Take special care of your body, particularly the neck and back. Release toxicity from your environment, too.
  • Prepare for challenges and make real-time adjustments in your plan, as needed. Cover all your bases legally and logistically.
  • Ask for help if you need it. Ask for time to get the job done correctly.
  • Don’t blindly follow someone. Use your heart and head to navigate.
  • A sea urchin’s mouth is known as Aristotle’s Lantern. The lantern is connected to The Hermit. Many of you are holding back when you should be forging ahead. Shine brightly and boldly!
🎬 Time Stamps 
00:00:00 Welcome
00:03:29 Channeled Messages & Spirit Totem 
00:16:33 Celtic Cross 
00:38:30 Expanded Forecast: Health, Wealth, Love & Destiny 
00:56:45 The Big Idea 
01:00:30 Q&A 
01:00:57 Nicholas Ashbaugh's Zodiac Placements (Sun, Rising, Moon & Venus) 
01:01:27 What's the difference between Sun, Rising, Moon and Venus? 
01:03:20 What were the drivers that led you to the path of becoming self-employed and an intuitive reader? 
01:07:25 How to deepen one's knowledge of Tarot? Any suggestions for books, etc.? 
01:09:49 What inspired you to start reading? Are your intuitive skills genetic? 
01:14:32 How can you protect yourself from low frequencies? 
01:17:34 What prayers or intentions do you do before a reading? 
01:20:33 Favorite starter deck? 
01:23:13 How do you learn deeper interpretations of the cards? 
01:25:00 How to deal with empathy (feeling sensations in the body)? 01:28:52 Is it okay to pull a daily card? 
01:30:51 What advice do you have for the heavier energies on the planet at this time? 
01:32:00 How to be more in tune with your body? 
01:33:32 Is it good to have a coach or mentor? 
01:34:38 Favorite decks? 
01:39:36 Should I rely on destiny? 
01:41:13 How can you protect yourself and help a person in pain? 
01:43:23 How can you clear your mind of mundane stress before tapping into source? 
01:45:21 Any thoughts on curses? 
01:47:01 How can we support humanity and the collective good? 
01:47:37 Advice for cleansing/cord-cutting? 
01:49:43 How can you develop a "language" with Spirit? (Signs, Symbols & Language of Spirit) 
01:51:51 Lifestyle changes for high frequency living? 
01:52:33 Advice for meditation? 
01:53:34 If you're in a low vibration, can you still get help? 
01:54:51 Advice on connecting with Guides & Angels? Are they the same? 01:57:36 How long does it take to become fluent in reading cards? 
01:58:53 Does the act of reading lift you up (or exhaust you?) 
02:02:52 Meditation & Quartz Crystal Pyramid Sound Bath 
02:06:12 SuperChat & SuperSticker Thank You
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