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When an otherworldly being crosses paths with Gabriel, a psychic investigator living in the year one billion, his world gets turned upside down. As missing pieces of his past suddenly emerge, Gabriel realizes that his dreams of a coming apocalypse are true. Now, he must assume the mantle of The Last Steward of the Light. His only hope lies in an old book of magic his grandfather gave him, and the unlikeliest of friends—the Angel of Death.

At its core, The Luminous Ones is about ascension, reclaiming hope and celebrating the fact that we are far more than human—we are ageless, eternal beings that are only beginning to understand our capacity for magic. The key characters are energy alchemists, particularly the immortals. They personify universal energies such as Transformation, Hope and Love.

Genres: Psychic and Science Fiction, Paranormal Fiction, Fantasy, LGBTQ+.

Audience: The book is good for both adults and young adults—particularly fans of epic stories like DUNE or The Lord of the Rings. 

🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ+ Themes: The lead human characters (particularly Gabriel, Julian and Madeleine) would all identify as queer / LGBTQ+. The otherworldly characters—namely the gods, aliens, cyborgs, shapeshifters and AIs—completely transcend gender, sexual orientation, or even physical form altogether; as such, they would also fall on the LGBTQ+ spectrum.

About the Author

Nicholas Ashbaugh is a YouTuber, author and an intuitive. His inspirational work explores mystical, esoteric and metaphysical themes with the aim of raising the frequency of the planet.


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