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Nicholas Ashbaugh

My name is Nicholas Ashbaugh. I’m an intuitive channeler, a lightworker, an empath and a seasoned Tarot reader.

My Style of Reading: A Balance of Intuition and Esoteric Knowledge
If you choose to schedule a reading with me, it will come from a place of truth, light, compassion and support. The reading will be grounded in rich knowledge of the Tarot as well as my own ability to channel information. In addition to using various forms of divination, I am also naturally clairsentient, clairvoyant and empathic—that is, I can receive messages without the aid of cards. You can see this balanced approach in all of my YouTube videos, as well as my Intuitive Development Series.

To me, Tarot, channeling—or any form of divination, for that matter—is akin to a metaphysical GPS. At the end of the day, you and only you decide your fate... I just provide you with a map and a compass.

How to Book a Private Reading
You can schedule an intuitive reading with me via my booking page. All appointments are either 50 or 60 minutes in length, and are conducted via Telephone, Skype (audio only), FaceTime (audio only).

As a child, I loved literature, writing and nature. I had a curiosity about the world and what made people tick—this ultimately inspired me to study journalism for my undergraduate degree. I wanted to make a difference by getting answers to life’s tough questions. That journalistic approach and integrity persists today; I literally ask questions to the cards during a one-on-one session in order to get the answers a client needs.

Like many of you, I had an awakening later in life—about 15 years into my corporate career. After this awakening, I decided to embrace my spiritual calling and learned about Kundalini Yoga, Reiki and the Tarot.

I can look into questions about love, spirituality, and career, as well as general forecasts. I can also help with dream analysis and symbology.

Special Events, Collaborations or Press Inquiries
If you’re a member of the press or a fellow influencer seeking a collaboration, use this form to contact me. For all other inquiries, use the general Contact page.

Sci-Fi Novel: Coming in early 2020
When I’m not coaching or creating videos, I am an avid writer. I plan on releasing an epic Science Fiction novel in early 2020. If you’re a fan, sign up for my newsletter now so you’re the first to hear about it.

Representation and Distribution Opportunities
If you are an agent, production company or publisher interested in helping me release my novel: use this form to contact me.

I believe we all have the power to expand our intuition and become lightworkers. My spiritual and professional goals are threefold: I'm here to help raise collective consciousness, start intelligent conversations about spirituality, and empower people to live integrated and fulfilling lives.

About Nicholas Ashbaugh, LLC
Nicholas Ashbaugh is an agent of Nicholas Ashbaugh, LLC, a for-profit California limited liability company. This company does not offer medical, psychological, legal or financial services of any kind. The services of this company are for entertainment, spiritual and educational purposes only. By using this website, you agree to the Terms of Use.

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Nicholas Ashbaugh
Based on 327 reviews
Brand New listener just this morning! Nicholas is gentle, soft-spoken, clear in relaying a message, positive and guided by love and light. I am thankful to have stumbled across this beautiful and intuitive soul 🤗
Terri North Lenhart
12:51 05 Oct 19
EverythingClear and helpful guidanceExcellent communicatorRegular with videosBrings clarity to situationGrateful for your gift and how you use tinto spread light , jhope and love to.others.Thank you.
Sophie Baillon
16:16 04 Oct 19
He is very thorough, looking at readings from many different aspects. His readings are also very accurate! Thank you Nicholas!
Cher Martin
10:20 19 Sep 19
I've been following Nicholas on YouTube for some time and am amazed by the accuracy of his readings. Even more impressive is his beautiful spirit, calming and reassuring nature, and pretty much everything about the way he shares the information he gets from Spirit. He radiates kindness, compassion and warmth in every word and anyone who gets to be in his world and call him "friend or family" is very blessed indeed. Thank you, Nicholas, for all you give and do. You are deeply appreciated and highly respected. With love, Liberty <3
Liberty Forrest
13:48 15 Sep 19
right on and more informative
Teresa Sjurset
03:43 11 Sep 19
Nicholas has a kind, calm, and sensible air about him. I find his readings to be very accurate and fitting. I've gone through some tough times, and listening to Nicholas has helped to ease many of the difficult feelings I have experienced. Thank you very much. 🙏🏼
Sarah Angela
12:55 03 Sep 19
He’s amazing! Insightful and positive
Sepideh Dadsetan
04:37 22 Aug 19
Im just very gratefull for your readings... so usefull for self knowledge... 😉 <3
Andressa Gigante
02:31 13 Aug 19
Thankyou for being so honest and answering my questions. God Bless 💜
Philomena Palamara
00:54 07 Aug 19
Was sent a link to listen to Nicholas and his Capricorn card picks. What a terrific reading even with the challenge cards and how to maneuver through the difficulties. That is what hit the spot for me in understanding how to proceed forward in a positive way. Really loved his energy and caring that is focused on helping >3
Marion Breault
01:46 14 Jul 19