Nicholas Ashbaugh

My name is Nicholas. I’m an intuitive channeler, a lightworker, an empath and a seasoned Tarot reader.

My Style of Reading: A Balance of Intuition and Esoteric Knowledge
If you choose to schedule a reading with me, it will come from a place of truth, light, compassion and support. The reading will be grounded in rich knowledge of the Tarot as well as my own ability to channel information. In addition to using various forms of divination, I am also naturally clairsentient, clairvoyant and empathic—that is, I can receive messages without the aid of cards. You can see this balanced approach in all of my YouTube videos, as well as my Intuitive Development Series.

To me, Tarot, channeling—or any form of divination, for that matter—is akin to a metaphysical GPS. At the end of the day, you and only you decide your fate... I just provide you with a map and a compass.

How to Schedule an Appointment
You can schedule an intuitive reading with me via my booking page. All appointments are a minimum of 50-60 minutes in length, and are conducted via Telephone, Skype (audio only), FaceTime (audio only). I do not offer in-person or email readings. See my FAQs for more info.

Areas of Expertise
I can assist with questions about love, finance, career as well as general forecasts. I can also help with dream analysis and symbology.

Like many of you, I had an awakening later in life—about 15 years into my corporate career. After this awakening, I decided to embrace my spiritual calling and learned about Kundalini Yoga, Reiki and the Tarot.

Writing Projects: Stay Tuned…
When I’m not coaching or creating videos, I am an avid writer. I’ll post more about my upcoming projects once I’ve found an agent and publisher.

I believe we all have the power to expand our intuition and become lightworkers. I embody that belief in my work; everything I do helps expand the collective consciousness—from readings to instructive videos to the written word. Together, let’s make this a better planet!

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Nicholas Ashbaugh
Based on 308 reviews
His amazing ability to read into the cards, and give you feedback on what you need to put into get the greater good for you to benefit those around you.
Judy Lachowski
11:59 31 Mar 19
Nicholas is incredibly accurate. He zeroes in on the main message; the essence of a situation...and he makes it look effortless. My spirit took to him from the moment I ‘met’ him.
Andrea Haynes Peart
21:29 26 Mar 19
Simply easy to understand. Direct to the point. Thanks
Josie Linsao
06:08 25 Mar 19
Nicholas is down to earth and to the point. I enjoy his readings as he is caring and concerned for his followers.
Tru Evans
04:39 25 Mar 19
Nicholas is very Inciteful, His messages are always on point and very helpful and uplifting 🙂 .Xx.
Elaine Milligan
00:24 13 Mar 19
I just came across him on youtube immediately drawn to him within few minutes watching. His readings are so intuitive and full of insights without sugar-coating nor patronising . Nicholas is genuinely gifted. His demeanour is soo soothing and approachable. You’re one of my fav readers. Thank you for the work you’ve done. Blessings to you!
The clarity of his readings.
Helen Walters
21:59 07 Mar 19
Hi Nicholas, I am very surprised at the subtle yet profound accuracies with your Reading ... great work and I will be sure to pass on to friends and family and will book in for s Reading shortly 🙏❤️ Angela Muzzin ( Australia 🇦🇺)
Angela Muzzin
21:50 05 Mar 19
He is a blessed soul with amazing positive energy. Though I have never spoken to him or seen him in person, there is an instant connect whenever I see his videos. His tarot reading is not only about future but also gives direction and guidance. His meditation techniques are very effective. I totally wait for his videos, love to listen to him and try to follow every point he makes. Love and light to you Nicholas may you always keep guiding all of us.
Pooja Sharma
19:22 05 Mar 19
I love the videos AND Personal Reading!!!!Love and Light!!!!
Paige Parker
18:11 05 Mar 19