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Safety Tips:

  • I do not offer private readings. (See policy)
  • I do not use WhatsApp or any form of Direct Messaging (DMs) for business.
  • I do not ask for money over direct messages or email. The only official way to show support is this page.
  • I do not send friend invites and I will not request to follow you.
  • My handle is @NicholasAshbaugh on all major platforms and @NAshbaugh on Twitter (see links below)
  • I have am verified (✔) on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Mastodon. Always check subscriber count and verification status.
  • If you see an imposter, block and report them. You can also let me know by filling out this form.



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Additional Social Handles: I don’t create content on these yet, but feel free to follow me so you know when I do.

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