ALL SIGNS BONUS READING — Topics include: Energy Check-in • Moving (On) & Making Big Life Changes • Manifesting

In addition to an energy check-in for everyone, this reading covers “Moving (on) and Making Big Life Changes” as well as “Manifesting Goals” (as voted on by channel members and Patreon supporters).

Channeled Messages:
🌺 Your spirit totem is the hydrangea.

  • The flowers on this shrub vary in color, with the most frequent colors being pink, red, blue and purple.
  • The flower color is dependent on pH levels. If the soil is acidic, the colors turn blue or purple, while alkaline soil produces pink or red flowers.
  • Like the hydrangea, you may have heightened sensitivity to food and environmental factors. Seek balance in both.
  • Use your inner magician to neutralize or shift energies as well.
  • Manage resources wisely. You have the seeds of prosperity at your fingertips!
  • Shake things up socially and come out of your Hermit phase.
  • At work, the group dynamic (or pressure) may also be adding to stagnation.
  • New faces and new points of view will invigorate you.
  • There’s no time for jealousy; be inspired instead. Likewise, release those who can’t celebrate your success.
  • A door is ready to be opened, but you must express interest first.
  • In work and key relationships, are you feeling like a third wheel? Or is someone hot, then cold when it comes to attention? If so, release these fair weather friends. Invest your love and energy wisely. Demonstrate reciprocity and demand the same in return.
  • Focus on the root chakra, especially the hips and tailbone. Stretching, practicing yoga or getting a massage may help open this area.
  • Reclaim balance this month by recalibrating expectations and releasing anything that is pulling you down.
  • Decide when enough is enough and set your sights on a new direction.