All Signs COLLECTIVE: Creating Luck and Opportunities • Plus: Channeled Messages & General Forecast

Your Spirit Totem is soil (dirt). This powerful and auspicious symbol represents the very ground we walk on.

  • It’s a reminder to strengthen the key tenets and foundations in your life, like love, health and family.
  • Clean up your messes during retrograde.
  • Rework the parts of your life that are stagnating.
  • Use this time to plan, research, brainstorm and plant energetic seeds that will bloom in the next quarter year.
  • Hold space for something newer and stronger to come into your life. Be patient. Keep faith and hope alive.
  • If you look at an open field, it’s massive. Building something new can feel overwhelming. However, myriad specs of dirt make up the larger whole. Break down something bigger into its smaller parts. You can realize your dreams… one step at a time!
  • Roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty; it’s time to do the work!
  • I was shown an image of someone trying to put their trash in your locker. Don’t let someone else pass the blame to you. Correct this behavior before it gets worse.
  • Keep excellent records and document everything.
  • I saw a coin purse with small change inside. There is a smaller, but nonetheless significant financial opportunity on the horizon. Don’t overlook or underestimate it; there’s growth potential.
  • In a dream, you appeared to be underwater, coming up for air. Take special care of emotional and mental health this month.
  • A vacation, holiday or break of some sort is overdue. Prioritize this.
  • Breathe and practice yoga, if you feel inspired.
  • Someone in your inner circle may try to provoke you. They’re in pain and may be jealous. Show compassion.
  • Instead of revenge or anger, use the energy to better your life and your situation. Inspire and lead by example.
  • You may find that leadership is difficult. Either you’re not receiving the support you need from your superiors, or there are morale issues in the ranks.
  • Listen to what’s being said, as every side needs to feel appreciated and understood.
  •  If you can’t get the support you need, it may be time to seek other engagements.
  • Loyalty may also play a key role. You’ll be able to see who you can trust when everything is resolved.
  • It’s time to answer the call, either literally or figuratively. I saw a person trying to reach out to you three times. If you do nothing, I felt that either an opportunity would pass you by, or a situation would escalate.
  • Take control of the situation. If money, products or services are due, then pay up (or collect) so you can move forward.
  • Tidy up your home or business as this can symbolize an inspection as well.
  • It could also indicate a new friend or love walking into your life. Be awake and open to what’s knocking on your energetic door.
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