ALL SIGNS COLLECTIVE • General + Opening Up New Opportunities • Finding the Silver Lining • Career

The latest ALL SIGNS / End-of-Month COLLECTIVE READING from July 30, 2021 is now available for replay.

Highlights: In addition to a regular forecast, we’ll look into Opening Up New Opportunities and Finding the Silver Lining, as chosen by Channel Members and Patreon Patrons. I’ll also pull a couple of cards for Career, since it’s come in third for the past few polls. We’ll end the reading with a meditation and a card to answer your silent question. If you’d like to vote on topics for future readings, you can get membership perks using either of these methods:

Channeled Messages: Your dual spirit totem is the throat chakra and mockingbird.

  • Mockingbirds can mimic hundreds of calls and are capable of learning new ones at any age.
  • Like mockingbirds, you’ll be called upon to try new things. You can (and will) succeed. Once school ends, it doesn’t mean you stop learning.
  • Your entire life on this planet is set up so you can improve, grow and ascend to new heights. Do something that challenges your mind.
  • Avoid boredom or being so afraid of change that an opportunity passes you by!
  • Mockingbirds are masters at mimicry, but their calls can become repetitive. Develop your own signature voice and vision.
  • Read the room and make sure it resonates.
  • Send a clear message to the Universe and trust that your call will be answered with divine timing.
  • Mockingbirds are nocturnal. Your mind may be overly active or preoccupied at night.
  • Keep a journal of thoughts or dreams. Write it down and let go of trying to make sense of everything until morning. Avoid 9 of Swords energy; fear or anxiety can unnecessarily hold you back. Trust yourself.
  • Your voice is powerful. It’s quite literally a frequency and vibration. Elevate it. Use it. Respect it.
  • Communication is not limited to the vocal cords, it’s the whole body. Use your diaphragm and solar plexus when speaking.
  • Eye contact and facial expressions will either enhance or work against your desired message.
  • To open the throat, forgive yourself. Then, think and speak empowering thoughts.
  • Wear blue stones and crystals.
  • Do neck rolls, stretches and yoga.
  • Write down your ideas. Channeling comes easier when your hand and mind connect.
  • Sing, breathe, laugh, cry and use your voice and body to move the energy in whatever way feels best. As long as it’s moving, it’s being transmuted.