ALL SIGNS COLLECTIVE: Overcoming Blocks • Opportunities to Re-Energize • Heal and Release the Past

COLLECTIVE Channeled Messages: The collective spirit totem is Aloe Vera, a succulent native to the Arabian peninsula and grown worldwide for its healing and restorative properties.

  • The name Aloe Vera is derived from an Arabic word “alloeh” meaning shining bitter substance, while “vera” comes from Latin, meaning true.
  • Sometimes when we learn the truth, it can be bitter, but also healing. In Tarot, this is akin to The Moon card.
  • Egyptians used Aloe Vera as an elixir, as they understood its value cosmetically and medicinally.
  • Like many succulents, Aloe Vera is capable of thriving in hot, arid climates, yet it is 99.5% water.
  • It reminds us of the importance of balance, moderation and perseverance.
  • Healing begins within, not just on the surface or exterior (mind/body/spirit).
  • Take time to perfect an “elevator pitch” for who you are and what you do. This can be modified based on the audience.
  • The more succinct and clear you are, the more accurate and expedient the universe can be in delivering.
  • I was shown a series of places people go to relax and have fun, such as a museum, theatre and concert hall. I was also shown places we learn, like conference halls and college auditoriums.
  • Engage in activities that inspire you.
  • Remember that the mind needs to be engaged, not just worked.
  • Connect with friends and colleagues. New opportunities will spring forth.
  • Life is not just reflections, projections and echoes.
  • You are not just a receiver. You also broadcast, create and transmute.
  • Reclaim your power!
  • Don’t react; act. Decide what’s next.