ALL SIGNS COLLECTIVE • Weekly Reading for August 22-29, 2021 • PLUS: Regaining Your Focus (The Big Picture) • Career & Finance

COLLECTIVE CHANNELED MESSAGES: Your spirit totem is the pomegranate. This superfood is packed with antioxidants and vitamins. It reminds us that good things come in small packages.

  • It’s also a reminder to drink in the little moments and celebrate each step of the journey.
  • The pomegranate is also a symbol of death, rebirth and fertility.
  • Hades used a pomegranate to lure Persephone into the underworld.
  • Her mother, Demeter, mourned her absence, resulting in Fall and Winter. Upon Persephone’s return, life also returned to the planet, resulting in Spring and Summer.
  • Demeter ruled over agriculture, fertility and the four seasons. As such, she’s associated with Divine Feminine cards, like The Empress and cyclical cards like The Wheel of Fortune or Eight of Cups.
  • You are at the precipice of either a new journey, or the close of one.
  • If you’re at a pause or a full-stop, do not despair, for a new cycle awaits—a “Spiritual Springtime.”
  • Remember, as one door closes, another opens.
  • What are you creating in this new season of your life? Chart out a new adventure and feed your dream each and every day.
  • My guides showed me a vision of collective empathy. Each member of the group could see the positive, negative and in-between. Joy and pain were both revealed, and the illusion of isolation was released. Everyone understood they were not alone. Fears faded, and the group worked together.
  • We have this capacity in Spirit, and one day (perhaps) we can foster that same sisterhood and brotherhood here on this planet.
  • In the meantime, let others know how you feel. Get to know them before jumping to conclusions.
  • Take time to express yourself and hold space to let others do the same. Listen!
  • I saw a vision of condensation on the ceiling. For some of you, this is literal. Check the pipes for leaks, look for signs of mold, etc.
  • For the rest of you, this is an emotional symbol. I felt as if there was a heaviness or an emotional “build-up” above you/around you that required a release. Work to find a way to clear this.
  • Meditate and clear your mind and intentions as well. Otherwise, this will come out at a time that is inconvenient. Avoid 4 of Pentacles-style energy, which tends to hold on.
  • Remember, something bigger and brighter awaits you! It’s time to get out and explore.