ALL SIGNS / MID-MONTH COLLECTIVE • General Forecast • Setting Boundaries • Dealing with Unknown

Your dual spirit totem is the wolf and the desert.

  • The wolf appears on the moon card in tarot, revealing our primal and instinctual side. Listen to those instincts and pay close attention to what they reveal about yourself and others.
  • The wolf also represents a cunning, intelligent and even stealthy nature. Protect what matters most and move forward with integrity, honesty and transparency.
  • You can think yourself out of any roadblock or tricky situation. Innovate, don’t give up!
  • A brighter path awaits you on the horizon. Don’t let anything distract you from that higher calling.
  • Wolves howl to communicate. Find and develop your voice… trust that its resonance will attract others.
  • Speak honestly and do not cry wolf. Once broken, trust is hard to regain. Hold a high bar of excellence for others as well. Lead by example, as always, in this regard.
  • Advocate for justice, and change what’s broken in your life or environment.
  • The truth always reveals itself and cannot hide. You are protected and being guided as long as you work with integrity.
  • Even Vader in Star Wars was redeemed. Luke walked a path of peace and light. It’s about redemption, not revenge. Hold space for others to heal and love themselves. Leave judgment up to the Divine.
  • The desert looks empty, but its teeming with life.
  • Resourcefulness and evolution are key to survival. Take the cactus, for instance. It had to change its shape, structure and habits to thrive in an environment where other life forms could not. Like the cactus, develop a thicker skin, conserve your resources, and stay flexible.
  • Let hope be your oasis. Create a new path where none existed.
  • It’s time to develop new skills and stretch yourself, like the 3 of Pentacles.
  • You’ve earned a seat at the table.
  • Don’t fear recognition or advancement.
  • Just because you shine, doesn’t mean others cannot (and vice-versa). There’s room for more than one star in the firmament!