ALL SIGNS WEEKLY COLLECTIVE: Aug 29-Sep 5, 2021 • How to Reach the Finish Line and Find Yourself Again!

Your spirit totem is the honey bee. Bees have five eyes; the three smaller ocelli assist with navigation by homing in on the Sun’s location in the sky. The larger compound eyes are trichromatic and can see blue, green and ultraviolet.

  • Flowers use ultraviolet cues to attract pollinators; these UV colors are invisible to others.
  • Just because you can’t see something, doesn’t mean it isn’t there (or isn’t possible).
  • Allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised. Don’t discount what’s possible!
  • Have faith and consider other perspectives.
  • Bees are organized and hard working. Each bee knows its role and performs it to perfection (almost to a fault).
  • You may be faced with bureaucratic loops and Hierophant-like energy; being able to navigate this is key.
  • Teamwork is vital to getting to the next step. Put aside your differences.
  • Communication is equally as important. Bees use nonverbal cues and scents as signals.
  • Pay attention to body language, eye contact and tone when speaking and listening to others.
  • I saw a highly qualified person walking around, trying to get around a walk or block. There was a sense of both accomplishment and a desire to move on (boredom).
  • A door is open… are you ready to walk through that door without looking back?
  • For many of you a lesson has been learned, but an emotional anchor is keeping you from moving forward.
  • I was shown a person remote-piloting a plane for someone else. A very bumpy landing ensued. The message here is to let others control their own path.
  • Take the reins in your own life and steer. Don’t let others control you either.
  • I saw an elaborate stage production with many moving parts. There was no director (leader). The single dress rehearsal was inadequate. Practice more and ask for help as needed.
  • Assign tasks and pick a leader. Do not try to wing this.