April 2021 Collective Reading (All Signs) – Covering the New Moon, Karmic Relationships & Creating New Cycles.

April 2021 Collective Reading Channeled Messages: Your triple totem today is comprised of the moon, hummingbird and ladybug.

The full moon is helping you with way-finding… homing in on your soul’s path and purpose.

You may feel lost or turned around, but you’re actually being guided and redirected. Imagine the hand from the Ace Cards in Tarot is trying to help you see something from a new perspective.

When your energy is being moved towards a new path, it can fee exciting and scary all at once.

Again, you’re not lost, you’re finding yourself. Trust your instinct and intuition.

Lunar energy speaks the loudest and clearest in dreams, so keep track of what you’re seeing and hearing. Keep a dream journal to develop your skills.

Envision and plan your next steps. Create a contingency plan as well to help you let go of fear.

Hummingbirds remind us to look up, move quickly and drink in each and every minute.

Mid-April should prove very productive. Pace yourself and make the most of this energetic push.

Stagnation is the only thing that might prove to be a block. Don’t overthink. You’ve put in the work to make things happen. Act now.

Raise your frequency. Elevate actions and words!

Enjoy the journey. EACH day is a blessing.

Gratitude will further open abundance.

Ladybugs are symbolic of a change in fortune and a new symbiotic relationship

You can change your luck and open up a new opportunity (synchronicity).

Perception and expectation will affect the outcome.

Look for positive signs and signals.

New partnerships are on the horizon. You have a choice to repeat old karma or call in something new.

Ladybugs are a beneficial insect… their presence is always a blessing. Look for this kind of energy in relationships. Do the internal clearing necessary to call in symbiotic and supportive energy.

Hold space and allow something great to come into your life.

Nonconformity equals success. Do something no one else can!

An exchange is important. Make sure you pay debts and honor promises.

Your performance is being watched or tracked, so give 110% It’s time to shine.

Some may be guided to do “meal prep” (i.e., cooking many meals ahead of time). This will help regulate your metabolism and save you from temptations.

Preparation overall is key in every part of your life. Prepare for success.

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