AQUARIUS February 2021: Like supernovas, ends are also beginnings. Use your Midas touch to create!

AQUARIUS February 2021 Channeled Messages: Your nature totem is a Supernova, reminding you that every end gives way to a new beginning.

Supernovas are responsible for the creation of new solar systems, and they provide the very same starstuff that constitutes each and every living thing on this planet.

If you’re holding onto something out of fear, imagine what you could do by redirecting all that energy and passion into something new.

Very few things come out picture perfect on the first try.

Repackage and experiment until you get it right.

Starting over can be a liberating experience!

Instead of wishing time away, you could be using it to realize your dreams.

You have the Midas touch. Like a supernova, you can create something golden, but you must see the value first. Others will pick up on your self-esteem and enthusiasm.

Conversely, a lack of faith in your own ability will push opportunity away.

Love who you are and what you do.

This magnetic energy calls in like-minded people.

If someone makes you feel less valuable, less worthy, or just “less than” in general, move on!

You can’t do everything for everyone; let others step up.

Focus your efforts on reciprocal projects, people and opportunities.

Be positive and affirmative in you rthoughts about yourself and your future.

Think: “Yes… This is happening, I am ready, and I am worth it!” Then offer heartfelt gratitude to yourself for calling it into fruition.

In dreams, the truth always comes through.

What is your true desire?

Breathe life into that dream. Send it into a real orbit around you!

The time is now.

You are ready.

What will you do now to make it happen?

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