AQUARIUS June 2021: What’s your legacy? Decide now so you can manifest. New opportunities abound!

AQUARIUS June 2021 Channeled Messages: Your dual spirit totem is comprised of the Pyramids at Giza and the raven—symbolizing rebirth, immortality, engineering, innovation, otherworldliness, and expansion.

The majestic Giza pyramids were built over 4,500 years ago, not only to celebrate the lives of the pharaohs, but also to ensure their immortality.

Immortality is measured not only by the survival of the soul, but also by the memory and lasting impression that one leaves on the world after their death. In the latter respect, the pharaohs succeeded brilliantly, as we still talk about not only the pharaohs, but Ancient Egyptian language, culture and faith today.

What will your legacy be? What’s the indelible mark you wish to leave on the world?

Use the answers to these questions to set future goals and navigate new opportunities.

Material wealth, title and influence will not make the transition into spirit.

Love, memories and knowledge, however, do make that journey from lifetime to lifetime. Invest wisely and generously in these currencies.

The Sphinx stands guard at Giza. It symbolizes a block or question you may have—one that is keeping you stuck mentally.

Remember, the Sphinx usually asks a question with a deceptively simple answer. The solution you seek is right under your nose. (i.e., You already know the answer.)

There are three main pyramids, but also three smaller ones as well. These are the Queens’ pyramids on the South Side. They remind us to pay tribute to the Divine Feminine energy in your life (past and present). These maternal relationships will benefit from healing.

The number three is symbolic. In Tarot it is a disruptor between the balanced energy of 2 and 4. It signifies change, growth, recognition, mourning and celebration.

I met two playful ravens and listened as they sang. They symbolize a soul reunion with a joyful karmic energy.

The ravens also indicate two significant changes on the horizon, or perhaps a fork in the road, with two opportunities.

Like a Page in Tarot, ravens are harbingers. These birds bring renewal and the ability to release is key.

I saw a car veering off the road, followed by a citation by an officer. The Universe is warning you to take control, to slow down, and to watch where you’re going.

Trust your internal GPS and don’t let others push or pull you in a wayward path.

Be mindful of risks; not all will pan out. Do your research.

Reconnecting with nature and the elements is vital. Try to get near the water, a park or somewhere that will help you clear your mind.