AQUARIUS May 2021: You see things others cannot. Take your time and do things right the first time!

AQUARIUS May 2021 Channeled Messages: Your spirit totem is the kiwi bird, a symbol of the Divine Feminine.

Kiwis also represent Gaia (Mother Earth), as they’re one of the few birds on the planet that lack wings. They also live, eat and hunt along the forest floor. Being grounded is essential to their survival.

Kiwi eggs are unique; they contain twice as much yolk as a normal egg. Baby kiwis stay in their shells longer, too.

This lengthy incubation means that baby kiwi hatch as a more mature chick. They’re capable of hunting and taking care of themselves almost immediately. In short, they’re very independent!

Don’t worry if it takes a little longer to get something done! Do it right the first time.

As long as you nurture yourself and your dreams, you’ll be okay. Be patient.

Kiwis forage for food and have an amazing sense of smell. They’re mostly nocturnal.

You will be able to make the most out of things and find new opportunities others cannot.

Keep digging. You’ll find what you need.

You may find that you’re more energetic at night, so be mindful of sleep patterns.

It’s a good time to ease (or eliminate) toxins like alcohol, caffeine and nicotine.

Kiwis are loyal partners, so this bodes well for both friendship and love.

There are other ways to move than flying… sometimes you can grow by simply standing still.

Look around and make an opportunity if it doesn’t already exist.

Wrap up loose ends before moving on.

You may be put on the spot at work or in relationships.

Be ready to answer these questions… What do you want? What can you offer? What do you expect of others?

This is a chance to shape what you want to do, rather than wait for someone else to decide for you. Embrace this, as you’ll grow your independence and confidence.

In my dream, you were standing on the stage, focusing on the first row of people. Remember to play to the whole theatre, not just who you can see.

Also, just because you can’t see someone applauding, doesn’t mean they aren’t a fan. They see you.

Unfortunately, not everyone is capable of giving positive feedback.

Do it for yourself, not approval. The Six of Wands energy is in your life already, just focus on fulfillment rather than a seal of approval.

You have star quality this month. Make sure you have room to shine and grow.

Sometimes you have to cut off a flower or seed pod in order for a plant to grow.

A small setback, sacrifice or trade-off could actually set you up for success. Keep reaching and see each event as a cosmic helping hand.

I saw you hit and press the delete button until nothing was left. Don’t go overboard! You can make a few changes, but starting from scratch is counterproductive.

Legal paperwork could be taxing. Get some help and don’t try to do this on your own.