AQUARIUS November 2021: Be the noble star that you are. You can thrive in the face of challenges!

AQUARIUS November 2021 Channeled Messages: Edelweiss and the hawk comprise your dual spirit totem.

  • Edelweiss is a particularly hardy totem, growing in rocky, mountainous regions, including the Alps and Carpathian Mountains in Europe.
  • Its deep roots protect it from the winds and droughts common in high altitudes.
  • Fine hairs on its flowers and leaves also shield it from harsh UV radiation. This plant has evolved to grow in a place where others cannot.
  • For this reason, it symbolizes strength, persistence, grounding and protection.
  • Like edelweiss, you can thrive in the face of any challenge.
  • Put some roots down and finish what you started. If not now, then when?
  • Stand your ground. You have what it takes to overcome a challenge or adversity.
  • Protect yourself. Get legal advice, buy insurance, and protect intellectual property (e.g., copyrights and patents).
  • The root “edel” means noble in German. In French and Italian, it’s known as the “Star of the Alps.”
  • If we combine these two, you’re a “noble star. “
  • Embrace your inner Emperor and take charge.
  • Each and every one of us is connected to a Divine energy source. This connection is guaranteed, irrespective of family ties, income, job title or any other material trapping.
  • The star-like flower petals (technically, bracts) seem larger than life in comparison to this plant’s height. They remind us that something small, like a smile or gesture, can light up someone’s day. Small actions also cary great rewards.
  • Embrace The Star card energy… allow yourself to be comfortable enough in your own skin to relax.
  • Your inner ease, joy and authenticity are attractive forces. Don’t let anyone mute your shine!
  • Hawks represent messages from afar. Are you open to receive? Stay awake and aware.
  • Get out of the daily grind and get perspective. Now’s the time to see the “big picture” or “bird’s eye view!”
  • Keep your ideas, words and actions elevated. Lead by example.
  • Hawks are very intelligent. Use your knowledge, skills and wisdom to solve a problem. Innovate and try something new!
  • Hawks are hunters and represent active energy. Now’s the time to facilitate, not wait passively for something to happen.
  • Hawks are not apex predators, so prepare for competition and assess risk as needed.
  • Happiness and health are more valuable than quick material gain.
  • Look at the long term goals. A small sacrifice now could pay off later.
  • What brings you joy? What inspires you?
  • Shift your focus in this direction!
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