AQUARIUS September 2021: Own your power—others will notice! Create, nurture, lead and inspire!

AQUARIUS September 2021 Channeled Messages: Your dual spirit totem is comprised of the elephant and the full moon.

  • In addition to being the largest land mammal on the planet, elephants are a “keystone” species, meaning they play a critical role in shaping their ecosystem.
  • Think of them as ecosystem engineers.
  • In the dry season, they use their tusks to dig up riverbeds, which helps create watering holes for other animals.
  • They clear brush and trees in forested areas, making the area more habitable for animals like zebras.
  • They spread plant life through their droppings, which also helps to enrich the soil as well.
  • Never underestimate your impact on the people and places around you.
  • Own your power and others will take note!
  • Elephants are conspicuous; they beg to be noticed. You have The Star and The World energy at your disposal this month.
  • If there is a figurative “elephant in the room,” now’s the time to address it. Everyone is waiting for someone to make a move. Be that person and clear the air.
  • Elephants are vegetarians and they remind us of the importance of eating enough veggies in our own diets as well.
  • Elephants are matriarchal. Find your inner Empress energy and step into a leadership role!
  • Create. Nurture. Lead. Inspire.
  • An elephant pregnancy takes over 22 months. You’ve embarked on a 2-year cycle in your life. Be patient. Be persistent. Most of all, keep believing in your dream (and feed it every step of the way).
  • We just experienced a blue full moon, the third moon in a season.
  • It’s also called the Sturgeon Moon.
  • Considered a living fossil, sturgeons are over 130 million years old. They are slow to change.
  • During this full moon, you’ll be asked to let go of some old habits and/or comforts to make room for growth.
  • I was shown a potential obstacle while driving. Symbolically, someone may be jealous or anxious about the progress you’re making. Do your best to stay on course and don’t let someone slow down your trajectory.
  • Someone may also be trying to divert your attention from something more important. Don’t take the bait.
  • Keep up with preventative maintenance on your car. Check all locks and security systems as well.
  • All eyes are on you, so do the right thing and you’ll be rewarded. (Conversely, if you try to get away with something, it won’t work.)
  • I saw live power wires. Take time to ground yourself.
  • Be fully aware of what kind of situation you’re walking into. Do your homework and ask a lot of questions!
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