ARIES April 2021: Go beneath the surface in all aspects of your life. Reclaim an old dream!

ARIES: Your spirit totem this month is the mole, reminding you to go beneath the surface in all aspects of your life.

In relationships, both parties need to roll up their sleeves and do the work.

Emotions are coming to the surface to help you heal and clear your mind.

Embrace these feelings and the intuitive downloads that accompany them! Don’t bury them or run away. It’s time to integrate.

It’s the perfect time to reclaim, (re)discover or explore forgotten parts of yourself.

Trust your intuition, instincts and clairvoyance. You don’t have to see things to know what’s right for you; trust that inner knowledge.

Avoid overreacting. (Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill.)

Stay grounded and ask questions before jumping to a conclusion.

Be mindful of all forms of communication. Assume that conversations may be made public and elevate all speech.

Once you’ve done the inner work you needed to do, come out of your Hermit phase… you might miss an opportunity otherwise.  Get ready to hit the ground running.

My guides used a track and field visual and communicated this message: you may be a little late or pressed for time, but you can easily make up for it—even if others got a head-start.

Be prepared for a series of intermittent sprints and stops this month.

If you can maintain both stamina and focus, rapid progress is possible!

Make time for self care, particularly eating well, getting ample sleep and making time to exercise.

My guides showed me a motorcycle and I felt a tug-of-war between the emotions of freedom and responsibility.

Your inner child is reminding you to live and love your life. There is more than just work.

Balance out your contracts and obligations.

Release codependent relationships, bad contracts and unrealistic expectations.

Goal-setting is essential. What are you steering yourself towards?

Look into the mirror. I see someone or something already revealing itself in your aura and energy.

It’s within reach… if and only if you can see it, too. Open your heart and mind to what’s around you.