ARIES August 2021: Be discerning and stand tall! Make a decision before someone makes one for you.

ARIES August 2021 Channeled Messages: Your spirit totem is the cat, plus Bastet—the feline Goddess of Fertility.

  • In my dreams, I saw hundreds of cats, accompanied by a sacred healing energy.
  • In Egypt, cats were seen as especially magical creatures which brought luck to those who cared for them.
  • They were closely tied to the realm of spirit as well.
  • The Goddess Bastet had the ability to transform into a cat, and was often depicted as a half-cat, half-humanoid deity.
  • Originally, she was a fierce lioness and Goddess of the Sun. In later myths, Bastet became the daughter of Ra and Isis. This Divine Feminine deity was a sign of fertility, a protector of women and children, and she could remove evil forces from one’s path (not unlike Ganesha).
  • The multitude of cats in my vision suggest an abundance of opportunity in your future.
  • However, fierce competition may accompany the aforementioned abundance. How will you differentiate yourself?
  • Avoid the cunning and trickery of any 7 of Swords-type individuals that cross your path. Use your intuition and channel your inner High Priestess.
  • You are NOT limited to one path. Therefore, discernment and direction are vital to charting a course. If you don’t decide, you invite someone else to do so for you.
  • If you don’t know what to do, ask for help. It’s better to do that now, than to waste time, or worse, an opportunity! Just be honest and communicative and you’ve got this!
  • As a deity that’s half-human, Bast represents that awkward phase between dreams and reality, or concept and execution.
  • You’re a work-in-progress! Remember that evolution leads to revolution; those tiny steps will add up!
  • Bastet also reminds you that you’re not a follower, you’re a leader. Don’t be the Page or Knight: be the Queen!
  • Sleep is both restorative and sacred. Treat it as a ritual, not a task. Healing is possible during sleep as well, so make time to rest.
  • Put amulets, stones or protective writings near your bed. Sanctify the space.
  • Success or recovery is within reach, but it may take up to three attempts to successfully accomplish your goal. Don’t give up!
  • I found myself in an old house on what seemed like moving day. A guide was there waiting to receive the keys, but there was a sense of procrastination. Are you ready to let go of the past?
  • Seek the closure you need so that change can come rushing in.
  • Fraternal or sibling energy is presenting itself in the form of a karmic soulmate. Release the competitive energy between you and this person. Once this happens, a deeper bond can be formed.
  • I was shown a satellite that was pointed in the wrong direction—the message isn’t getting through.
  • Try another channel if needed. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes as well.
  • If they still do not reciprocate, move on. Your time and energy are valuable, and you can do better than this person.
  • When someone ignores us, it’s a powerful, albeit indirect way of saying no. Honor their boundaries and move on.
  • Better opportunities await you!
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