ARIES January 2021: The biggest rivers have humble starts. Don’t underestimate your potential!

ARIES January 2021 Channeled Messages: Your nature totem today is the river—in particular, the headwater (or source). It reminds us that everything that is big, was once small—or at the very least, is constituted of smaller parts.

As such, don’t feel daunted by a path that stretches in front of you, for the mountain you climb may bring you to the source of your next big inspiration or epiphany. That rich energy will help inspire growth.

If you feel drowned or pulled by a larger energetic flow, reclaim your power.

Go back to the source.

Literally, deal with the decision-maker or the person who can create the desired change. Avoid the “middleman.”

You are the messenger, creator and agent of change.

Reclaim your myriad (tributary-like) energetic cords and redirect them towards your goal(s).

Entrepreneurial or “take-charge” energy rules the day. Be the Empress or Emperor.

If you’re working with a person or group whose foundation is a “house of cards,” then it’s time to step back and reevaluate. Ask the tough questions. Why you are really there? What is the real cost of staying? 

Let the cards fall where they may and use this opportunity to create balance in your life.

Then, and only then, will a pattern be revealed.

For those who’ve been doing the lion’s share of work, now is the time for recognition and support. It’s your time.

Like Katniss in “The Hunger Games,” change the system! You don’t have to play the old game. Rewrite the rulebook.

It doesn’t have to be a win-or-lose outcome; you can both win.

Energy that is stuck must move, so it’s time to make way and allow this to flow.

Watch your fast-food intake and avoid eating overly processed meals.

Make time for meditation. This will reduce stress, open your third eye and allow for you to have more peaceful sleep.

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