ARIES June 2021: Follow your heart and fight for what matters. (Others are waiting for your move!)

ARIES June 2021 Channeled Messages: Your spirit totem is the elk, symbolizing the Divine Masculine, marking a new cycle of growth.

The elk also represents your connection to Source Energy. As such, intuitive skills will be heightened this month.

Whether or not you’re focused on relationships, you have a magnetic quality that will make you stand out in a crowd.

Use this spotlight to your advantage. Be bold, speak up, and act now.

New antlers are grown by bulls (male elk) each year as a part of their mating ritual. They then spar off with others to win over a potential partner. In your life, you may find a similar theme of competition playing out.

You may have to fight or advocate for what you want. Don’t be afraid.

A small dose of competition can be a healthy catalyst, just don’t go overboard.

Instead of butting heads with someone, try to meet in the middle. Collaborating and focusing on inner growth is the key to success.

It may be time to release an old attachment in order to embark on something new.

I saw rain collecting in a chalice of pure rose quartz. This was a clear Ace of Cups symbol, but in an elevated form—a Higher Love.

Focus on the energy of rose quartz, namely harmony, friendship, unconditional love and forgiveness. Wearing rose quartz, or even using rose essence can enhance this effort.

My guides showed me that pipes in a house were getting backed up. This could be literal (i.e., check your plumbing). Or, it could indicate you need to drink more water.

It could also represent a mental block. Avoid limiting thoughts or beliefs, as they can create an energetic block to progress and growth.

There may also be a better person or point-of-contact to get something finished. If someone is not engaged to help you, or isn’t empowered to give you the approval you need, it’s time to keep looking.

I heard someone trying to imitate your voice. Then, I saw The Lovers morph into The Devil card. Look beneath the surface; things are not what they appear, especially in business.

Avoid a one-way contract or an engagement with someone who is out for their own personal gain. Push back and renegotiate (or simply walk away) from dealings like this.

I saw an image of you on a plane waiting to be served. You were last on the list and seemed frustrated, even though you got all that you needed and wanted.

Remember, in business and life, it’s not important when you finish but rather how you finish. The first person may set the tone, but the last person can leave a lasting impression.

Like beta testing, you don’t always want or need to be a guinea pig. Let others learn things the hard way, and do your best to avoid making their mistakes.

I saw a celebration on the horizon, but it was preceded by at least 3-to-5 small tests or obstacles, with increasing difficulty. You are very close to a big breakthrough, so don’t let these get you down. It’s jus the Universe making sure you’re 100% ready.

Stay rested, avoid burnout, and don’t take too many shortcuts. There are some things that simply must be done before you pass the finish line!