ARIES November 2021: Always infuse your actions with intention—use stillness to your advantage!

ARIES November 2021 Channeled Messages: Your dual spirit totem is comprised of the praying mantis and the scorpion.

  • Patience and stillness are essential tools in the hunting arsenal of the praying mantis. Remember to breathe. Clear your head long enough to take stock of what’s going on in your life. Movement for movement’s sake is wasted energy. Move with grace and intention. Use stillness to your advantage!
  • Use your third eye like the crosshairs of a bow and arrow. The hunting energy in both of your totems this month is a constant reminder that you can achieve your dreams. Set your intention and release the arrow.
  • Mantids can move their heads 180º. Remember to look at a situation from all angles; you may find a solution is right in front of you. There may also be a hidden or subtle signal. Tune in!
  • Praying mantids have two large compound eyes and three simple ones, providing 3-D vision. However, most species have only one ear (and some have none at all). Don’t take everything on surface appearances. Listen to others. Use your intuition.
  • Some people think that seeing is believing, but believing is what helps you manifest… believing is seeing.
  • Develop your own unique vision or goal and believe in it. Breathe life into it every day.
  • Mantids, once locked onto their prey, seize the moment. In your own life, windows of opportunity can be brief. This month, act quickly—and don’t let one of these moments slip away! Timing is everything.
  • Body language is essential to praying mantids. They often exaggerate their size as a form of defense. Remember to use your nonverbal language to your advantage, too. It can change the entire tone of a conversation.
  • Most mantids have wings, but very few fly. Give yourself permission to spread your own wings. If anyone tries to hold you back, it’s time to move on. This month is all about expansion and growth!
  • In dreams, I saw a dark path with scorpions on the periphery. I was able to walk through the path unscathed, but only by moving with extreme caution. It’s a reminder to read the room and avoid stepping on other people’s toes or egos.
  • Pick and choose your battles carefully. Avoid verbal sparring, whenever possible. Take the high road!
  • The Scorpion is a symbol of death and rebirth. When one door closes, another opens, and this totem reminds you that you always have the power to rise from the ashes. This is a time for beginnings, not just endings.
  • Focus on what you want to create rather than holding onto past disappointments.
  • You’ll surprise yourself with your own strength, patience and courage, so push yourself outside of your comfort zone.
  • In mythology, Orion the hunter was defeated by a scorpion. Cunning and stealth are a part of this totem, so don’t take others for granted, no matter how small they may seem!
  • Pay your dues. Don’t walk into a situation unannounced. As with the earlier totem, timing is key and rushing may cost you more time in the long run.