ARIES October 2021: Let go of the old. Today is a fresh start, so reimagine the possibilities.

ARIES October 2021 Channeled Messages: Your spirit totem is the lotus. This Divine Feminine symbol is associated with purity, prosperity, fertility and wealth.

  • Lotus roots grow along the bottom of a pond or river bed, while the leaves and blossoms rise up to the surface.
  • Like the lotus, you have the capacity to rise above anything murky in your life!
  • Lotus seeds can remain viable for over a millennium, reminding you that it’s never too late to follow your dreams.
  • Floods actually help disperse the lotus seeds. You can thrive when things get turbulent in your life. See where the energetic flow takes you!
  • Egyptians noticed how the lotus would open and close each and every day, according to the sun. It therefore became a symbol of both death and rebirth.
  • Nefertem was the god of the lotus blossom. His name means, “one who does not close.” This is a subtle reminder to stay open to what’s possible.
  • Nefertem was born from a blue lotus bud, which emerged from the waters of Nun at the dawn of creation. He was so alone that he began to weep, and from his tears, humanity sprang forth.
  • He was born with each sunrise, matured by midday and passed into the Underworld with each sunset.
  • Like Nefertem, you can face each day as a new start, unencumbered by the burdens of yesterday. Recreate yourself and start anew!
  • The 7th Chakra (crown) is also known as the thousand-petal lotus blossom.
  • Give yourself time to open this chakra. Go through the murky waters of your life first; they will provide context and character.
  • Open yourself to a higher calling or path. Ask yourself, “what is my purpose?” If you don’t have the answer now, make time to explore it.
  • Raise your frequency. Set an intention to receive information and guidance of the highest good.
  • Trust the intuitive information you receive. Focus on themes of trust in relationships and all aspects of your life as well.
  • Listen to your inner voice and don’t let others drown it out. Reclaim yourself.
  • “No,” is a simple but powerful word. Use it to set boundaries on time, energy and resources.
  • Stand your ground. Remember: you have more power than you realize. Use it to create movement in your life.