ARIES September 2021: Two rapid changes are on the horizon. Sort out your life now and prepare!

ARIES September 2021 Channeled Messages: Your spirit totem is the photon, the smallest basic unit of all light. It’s always in motion and, in a vacuum, it travels at the speed of light.

  • Light exhibits qualities of being both a particle and a wave.
  • As lightworkers, we must move, evolve and change. Movement, especially, is essential!
  • Last night I received a light code activation, as well as several messages. Key among the messages is that it’s time for a course-correction—one that involves a partnership.
  • In dreams, I watched as you attempted to drive from Point A to Point B. However, there were roadblocks obstructing the path. The first block was due to maintenance—signaling a delay. The second block, however, involved a road that hadn’t even been built—symbolizing a dead end.
  • At this point, you looked down; there was a spiral stairwell leading to unseen depths, but a small white dog (the one from The Fool card) guided you to another stairwell leading upwards. There, you met friends and commenced a celebration.Remember: always look up!
  • A new union, a celebration or a collaboration is on the horizon.
  • Next, I saw two modes of rapid transportation, comprised of a rocket ship and a bullet train.
  • After a period of delay, two rapid-fire changes are en route. Prepare for a period of movement!
  • Change can be both exciting and scary (as all growth is). However, a euphoria soon replaced the initial fear I sensed. It’s worth taking this plunge!
  • It was at this point in the dreams that I received light code activations. In short, the changes that are en route will create an energetic and emotional upgrade in your life.
  • Walking towards one thing, means you’ll be walking away from another. Like Death (Transformation) in Tarot, it’s a time of Ends and Beginnings.
  • For some of you, a legal negotiation may be required, especially if a divorce or last will and testament is involved.
  • I saw you sitting at a round table, surrounded by louder voices. Whether this is family, coworkers or a legal team, one thing is clear: you must speak up.
  • Don’t be afraid to defend your point of view. A close friend, family member or colleague may disagree, but this is your path to choose.
  • The Death card marks rebirth, transformation and gives us a chance to find liberation in our lives.
  • Advocate for yourself, but avoid emotionally-charged arguments. Stick to the facts.
  • Again: your voice matters, and it’s time for you to use it.