BONUS READING FOR ALL SIGNS: Adjusting to Changes • Career Growth • Communication & Intimacy

Channeled Messages: 🌕 Your collective spirit totems are the moon and pelican.

  • The full moon on Thursday was the last Supermoon of 2021. Supermoons occur when the moon’s elliptical orbit is at its closest point to the Earth.
  • Energetically, this brings you closer to your dreams, desires and emotions.
  • Since emotions are amplified, do your best to look at the positive side of the equation. Use this time to reflect, relax and manifest your goals.
  • The Strawberry Moon is also a time of harvest. Take action and stop procrastinating!
  • Brown pelicans hunt like a dive-bomber… They plunge themselves into the water and stun small fish with the impact of their bodies. Then, they scoop them into their expandable throats.
  • You, too, can make a splash this month. Pick your moment wisely.
  • As an expert diver, it’s reminding you to go for what your heart desires.
  • Don’t swallow your words and don’t let others silence you, either!
  • Like the pelican’s expandable throat, it’s time to stretch yourself with respect to communication. Speak up and speak out. Your voice is a powerful tool. Trust yourself and go out on a limb. This is not a time to be quiet.
  • If you do consume fish, opt for smaller fish, like sardines (just like the pelican’s do). Smaller fish tend to have lower mercury levels.
  • In dreams, I witnessed a graduation ceremony, but you skipped the party.
  • Remember to celebrate all the accomplishments—big and small—in your life. Enjoy this moment… right here and right now!
  • A graduation can also symbolize a release. Now it’s time to let go and open a new door.
  • You’re on the precipice of solving a puzzle, one that will clear out old cycles of karmic frustration. Don’t give up, as this will free this lifetime, and those yet to come. Push forward. Your future self thanks you!
  • Change is often subtle. You’re further along on a journey than you realize. Don’t be surprised if others see the change before you do. Trust in their vision and your potential.
  • Remember: on a soul level, you’re a limitless and eternal being!