CANCER April 2021: Dream big and get ready for a month of speed, movement and increased momentum!

CANCER April 2021 Channeled Messages: Your first spirit totem is the shark. As the King of the Sea, the shark represents speed, movement and momentum. Remember to keep moving and maintain that momentum!

I was drawn to the teeth and mouth of the shark, symbolizing the weight and impact your words carry—choose them wisely!

Your second totem was the mushroom, representing rebirth and a nudge from the Universe to clear out stagnation in your life.

If you feel like a big fish in a little pond, then it’s time to move up or move on.

Spirit showed me a blank check and asked, “how much do you need?”

When I gave a response, the Universe said, “THINK BIGGER!”

Aim higher than you think you can go. Don’t limit your potential in either thoughts or words.

Go after a “stretch goal” and allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised.

In meditation, you can wish for “all this and more,” or “this or something greater.” Always give the Universe room to surpass your expectations.

I was also shown The Magician, Ace of Cups and The Devil Card in Tarot.

The Magician energy reminds you that you are capable of manifesting and that you can wear many hats this month.

The Magician’s main weakness is becoming distracted. So, focus on what matters most and program your thoughts and intentions accordingly.

Ace of Cups represents love, abundance and the creative flow. Stay open-hearted and embrace abundance in all forms.

The Devil represents limiting thoughts, fears, and undesirable contracts. To counteract this, be discerning and ask questions!

Get a good night’s rest and let others do the same. Work can wait until morning as can any key conversations. Rest, in fact, will provide insights and allow for a more balanced exchange.

Apologizing can be a wonderful healing experience, but timing and tone is everything. Only say “I’m sorry” if you feel it.

There is no obligation to give or receive an apology; it’s unconditional.

Avoid trying to get the last word in and release others who insist on it.

You never truly know what someone is dealing with until you ask.

Release judgment and try walking in their shoes. Then, and only then, should work, business and contracts ensue.

Take your time. Open your heart. Be inquisitive. This thoughtful approach will save time in the long run.

A karmic cycle is emerging. A soul group that spans 3 to 4 lifetimes is re-emerging now so you can free yourself. Step out of those old roles and try something new.

Sometimes we simply meet a soulmate to wrap up old karmic business and say goodbye.

This makes room for a higher love to enter into your life.