CANCER June 2021: Your free-spirited nature may take you on a new path. That’s a good thing, because it’s your time to shine!

CANCER Channeled Messages June 2021: Your spirit totem is the zebra. Unlike horses, zebras are more free-spirited and harder to tame. You may need to follow your own path or calling and break free from something that’s holding you back.

The stripes on a zebra help them cool down. In your life, you may need to find a way to “cool off” emotionally from stressful situations. Talk to a friend, decompress, and ask for space or time-off as needed.

Zebras are conspicuous looking… this is a time when you, too, are being pushed to stand out! (It’s not a time to be a wallflower.)

This is auspicious for those who may be job-seeking or looking for a new relationship; you’ll be noticed!

Use your platform and visibility to get things done. Step into the spotlight and embrace that Star card energy.

Like the zebra, you may be seeking a chosen family or spiritual tribe. Make friends and family a priority!

Physical touch and vocal calls are important to zebras. Your relationships this month will similarly benefit from an increased focus on intimacy and communication.

I was shown the inside of a house, but it was filled with furniture that was covered in plastic—and cobwebs!

The spiders remind us that we can either create a web of opportunity or get snagged in the cobwebs of the past (like Miss Havisham in Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations). Don’t let that happen. Do a cord-cutting meditation if needed.

Let go of the past and really embrace this moment in time. Be present. It’s called “present” because the time itself is a gift; use it to the maximum potential!

Clean the mental and physical cobwebs! Spring cleaning creates literal and energetic space for something better and brighter to enter into your life.

Don’t save stuff for a rainy day… use your good china, wear your favorite shirt, take the plastic off your furniture and truly enjoy the moment. Breathe in a breath of gratitude.

Look for water damage if you find yourself in the market to buy a house, rent an apartment, or buy a big ticket item like a car.

Like Mount Vesuvius in Pompeii, you’d be wise to heed the warning signs before something gets out of hand. You have the capacity now to use a “Tower Reversed” approach. Take your energy and either move on, or actively make the changes necessary to regain control.

Listen to your intuition and look at the track record. A pattern is emerging.

I saw undercooked fish, which represented something that wasn’t ready to share with other people. Don’t rush something. Likewise, don’t let someone put words in your mouth. Like the uncooked fish, they won’t sit well with you or with others.

If something smells fishy, it probably is. Trust your first impression.

You don’t have to walk this path alone. Partner up, if possible. Likewise, avoid walking by yourself… stick to groups.

It’s your divine right to lead if you want to. But you must believe in yourself. Just like magic, leadership only works if you believe, too.