CANCER March 2021: Life’s a rollercoaster—keep your eyes open so you can see the good stuff too!

CANCER Channeled Messages: Your spirit totem is the evergreen. Much like a mighty pine tree, you have the power to persevere, overcome and thrive.

As one of the oldest forms of life on earth, evergreens are great at survival.

Just like them, you can weather any storm—and possibly even thrive when others cannot.

You haven’t lost your magic touch. Shake off any doubt and try again.

Privacy is essential. Respect others’ privacy and boundaries, while establishing your own as well. Both sides must observe them for this to work.

Your speech and actions have a boomerang and homing effect. Keep things positive and constructive.

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should… think things through before making a move.

Even out the energetic exchange; there are many ways to do so—through time, energy, money or service.

Are you receiving what you need to feel supported and fulfilled?

I saw a plant wilting, which is a symbol of shock, fatigue or hunger.

Nurture yourself, especially when others can’t or won’t.

Rest! You are not a machine. (Even machines need maintenance.)

Express your needs and desires. You can’t bottle things up! Find an outlet.

Ground yourself and don’t rush to the finish line.

I saw an image of a person covering their eyes on a rollercoaster. While this may save you from missing some of the scary parts, you’ll also miss the good parts.

Keep your eyes, heart and mind wide open to see what’s possible.