CANCER May 2021: Don’t “play opossum”—Move into the energy of transformation and make things happen!

CANCER: Your spirit totem is the Opossum.

Opossums are pacifists and seek the path of least resistance. ​Like this peace-loving animal, you may be able to de-escalate or neutralize a conflict.

Focus on body language and use it as a powerful tool in communicating.

Instead of “playing dead” move into the energy of change and transform instead!

Remember: whatever scares you can also help you grow. Trust in your ability to succeed.

It’s time to take an active stance… Stand tall, speak up, engage and move forward.

Everything will see the light of day, so it’s time to plan and take action.

Make a “to-do” list and/or wishlist and commit to making progress. It’s the first step in manifesting.

Opossums are known for showing their teeth. Take note and smile! This small gesture can transform an interaction between you and someone else.

Along with that warm smile, hold an expectation that things will work out. Change the energy by changing your thoughts.

Protect your privacy and intellectual property.

Take special care when using a shared computer or device. Don’t share passwords.

Know what you want and set an intention. Then visualize, speak, and breathe it into being.

Remember to let Spirit know what you want, too. Angels, guides and ascended masters typically do not interfere with free will. If you want or need guidance, let them know so they can step in.

Shavasana is a great way to receive abundance, healing and support. Sanskrit for “corpse pose,” it ties in nicely with the spirit totem this month.

Release your fear, open up your heart and imagine that you’re an Ace card in Tarot. Surrender to your higher calling.

This will allow you to receive abundance in all the highest forms.

Remember: you are worthy of all this and more. Believe in your self worth.

When it comes to relationships and new opportunities, be discerning. Don’t immediately accept the first option that appears. Do your research first. All the boxes need to be checked off before you say, “yes!”

Make your bed—literally and metaphorically. Clean up all aspects of your life, especially finances. Be accountable.

Each day is a clean slate, with new and exciting opportunities.